Monday, October 23, 2017

Full Court Press, Con't

Republicans in the Trump era keep gleefully declaring that they would hurt reporters, so when do we start taking their fascist impulses seriously as a threat to our country?

A Montana GOP official said she “would have shot” a reporter that was assaulted by Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.) if the reporter had approached her the way he had Gianforte.

Karen Marshall, the vice president of programs for Gallatin County Republican Women, told the Voices of Montana radio program Thursday that she would have shot Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs if she had been in Gianforte’s place, according to The Guardian.“If that kid had done to me what he did to Greg, I would have shot him,” Marshall said.
Gianforte pled guilty to misdemeanor assault after the incident and apologized.

Gianforte body-slammed Jacobs to the ground, broke his glasses and punched him after Jacobs attempted to ask the candidate a question at his campaign headquarters the night before the Montana special election in May.

“That kid came on private property, came into a private building and went into a very private room that I would not even have gone into,” Marshall said. “It was a set-up. A complete set-up. He just pushed a little too hard.”

Eventually reporters aren't going to get roughed up by Republicans, they're going to get killed.  Even that won't be enough, especially if the reporter isn't white.

These guys want the ability to open fire on whomever they disagree with, liberals, the media, the LGBTQ community, people of color, you name it.  Comments about shooting people and getting away with said comments is a problem.

Because tens of millions agree with those comments. 

It's getting dangerous out here.

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