Sunday, July 5, 2020

The GOP's Race To The Bottom, Con't

The political, social, economic and electoral story of the last decade in America is the vast demographics change in the country's non-Hispanic white population, or rather, the non-change. The number of white Americans has essentially remained unchanged since 2010 according to preliminary census data analysis by the Brookings Institution.

U.S. racial and ethnic minorities accounted for all of the nation’s population growth during the last decade, according to new Census Bureau estimates.

The data underscore the nation’s growing diversity and suggest that the trend will continue as the White population ages and low birth rates translate to a declining share. Non-Hispanic Whites declined to 60.1% of the populace in 2019 and their number shrank by about 9,000 from the 2010 Census to slightly more than 197 million.
Over the same period, the U.S. added 10.1 million people identified as Hispanic. The median age for White non-Hispanics rose to 43.7 years — more than a decade older than the median Hispanic of any race — with Black and Asian American residents in between.

“The declining White population share is pervasive across the nation,” according to a report by William Frey, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. The decline was “accentuated in the past few years by a reduction of births among young adult White women and an uptick in deaths, perhaps associated with drug-related ‘deaths of despair.’”

If the data are confirmed by the 2020 census that’s underway, the decade after 2010 would be the first one since the first population count was taken in 1790 that the White population didn’t grow, according to Frey.
White people’s share of the population declined in all 50 states, increasing only in the District of Columbia, according to the Brookings analysis. It fell in 358 of the 364 U.S. metropolitan areas and in 3,012 of its 3,141 counties.

Everything the GOP is doing, the Trump regime is doing, the white supremacists are doing, is driven by this.  All the racism, all the voter suppression, all the redlining, all the immigration stuff, all the deportations and kids in cages and school funding devastation and abortion TRAP laws and and all of it, all of it in service of raising that percentage of white Americans that has fallen now to sixty percent, trying to save the dying system of white supremacy in America.

I repeat.


Everything they have done has been in service to white supremacy, yes.  But now for the first time it is in real danger because white people are simply being outpopulated by the rest of us.

That's it.  That's the entire deal, folks.

Thanks for coming out.

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