Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Romney Will Run Government Like He Ran Business...

...into the ground.  ABL has R-Money pegged when she says:

Romney seems to be taking the same approach to government as he did to his business ventures at Bain. 


“I’m going to take a lot of departments in Washington, and agencies, and combine them. Some eliminate, but I’m probably not going to lay out just exactly which ones are going to go,” Romney said. “Things like Housing and Urban Development, which my dad was head of, that might not be around later. But I’m not going to actually go through these one by one. What I can tell you is, we’ve got far too many bureaucrats. I will send a lot of what happens in Washington back to the states.”

Asked about the fate of the Department of Education in a potential Romney administration, the former governor suggested it would also face a dramatic restructuring.

“The Department of Education: I will either consolidate with another agency, or perhaps make it a heck of a lot smaller. I’m not going to get rid of it entirely,” Romney said, explaining that part of his reasoning behind preserving the agency was to maintain a federal role in pushing back against teachers’ unions. Romney added that he learned in his 1994 campaign for Senate that proposing to eliminate the agency was politically volatile.

When conservatives say "Run government like a business!" they mean "Get rid of the parts of government that help the little people!"  Those are cash sinks, you know.  Mitt wants to do to the federal government what he did to all those companies in Bain Capital:  chop them up, get rid of all the employees, and raid what's left for cash. 

It's code for "scrap the safety net", just like "give the program to the states" is.  In Romney's world, states are competing for the one percent's favor by seeing who can screw over the 99% the hardest and make them even more dependent on the private, for-profit services they rule over.  Government serving the people has no place in R-Money's America.  If you're not making the one percent money, you've got to go.

Remember when Romney was a moderate?  Do you think he still is one?  You'd better wake up.

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