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Epic Train Wreck Omega Super Fun Time Fail

The train wreck that is McSame/Palin just got hit by another train the jumped the tracks from four counties over, and is now busy trying to make baby train wrecks with the first train wreck (h/t BooMan):

Wolf Blitzer: And this just coming into the "Situation Room," the Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin now speaking out openly about her intentions in 2012 if, if she and John McCain were to lose this contest next Tuesday. In an interview with ABC News, Sarah Palin is now saying, she would be interested in remaining a serious national political figure, going ahead to 2012. She was asked what happens in 2012 if you lose on Tuesday, would you simply go back to Alaska? Elizabeth Vargas of ABC News asked her and Palin said this, and I will read it to you verbatim according to an ABC News transcript: "Absolutely not," Sarah Palin says. "I think that, if I were to give up and wave a white flag of surrender against some of the political shots that we've taken, that ... that would ... bring this whole ... I'm not doin' this for naught," and that is a direct quote from Sarah Palin. Clearly, leaving open the possibility that she would be interested in leading the Republican Party in 2012 if she and John McCain were to lose this presidential contest right now.


The GOP Sucks Across The Board

Today's example of why the GOP has to be put out in the wilderness until it learns basic human civility? Liddy Dole.

Falling behind in her reelection race, Sen. Elizabeth Dole has uncorked one hell of a charge: The Democrat running against me is godless.

Dole's 30-second ad, which is running on television in North Carolina but has not (understandably) been promoted by the GOP, uses a September fundraiser co-hosted by 40 people, including a representative of the Godless America PAC, to falsely accuse Democrat Kay Hagan of being an atheist herself.

The end of the ad features a picture of Hagan with a female voice yelling "there is no God!" -- the clear implication is that the voice is Hagan's. In fact, the Democratic candidate is a Sunday School teacher and an elder at her Presbyterian church.

The Charlotte Observer reported Wednesday morning that Hagan's campaign is seeking a "cease and desist" order against Dole's new attack.

This is about as bad as it comes, folks. There are such things as devout Democrats, be they Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or what have you.

There are also plenty of Atheist Democrats who vote too. That's the great thing about America, no matter what your spiritual inclination is, your vote counts. So attacking a candidate's religion when she's a freakin Sunday School teacher is probably a bad, bad idea.

But that's what Liddy Dole and the GOP will do to win an election. Honor, integrity, civility? These are weapons to Republicans...and weaknesses their Democratic enemies have that are exploitable.

Obamavision Now In THREE-DEE

Obama's Big Commercial(tm) is tonight at 8. Should be interesting.

Of course, since Obama's doing it, Politico is already complaining about it.
Barack Obama will go on national television tonight and air a 30-minute infomercial about himself and his presidential campaign.

Several political image makers, both Republicans and Democrats, say it’s a smart move. But is there a risk of excess in it, as well?

While Obama hasn’t made many strategic mistakes in his campaign against Republican John McCain, he has, on occasion, shown a weakness for extravagance.

In July, Obama’s visits to Afghanistan and Iraq generated comforting images of the senator with military leaders and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. But his trip ended in Berlin with an image of 200,000 fans, mostly Europeans, chanting Obama’s name.

In August, his campaign navigated the minefield of the Democratic Party’s feuding families to pull off a convention that began healing the wounds between the Clinton and Obama camps. Then it came to its conclusion between two Greek columns where a triumphant Obama delivered an acceptance speech to a football stadium crowd of more than 80,000.

Today, Obama is dominating the television ad wars. As of Oct. 22, Obama placed 150 percent more ads than McCain in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, according to the Nielsen Co.

Despite all that, and despite his lead in national and most battleground polls, the campaign decided to plunk down between $3 and $5 million to buy half-hour blocks of time at 8 p.m. tonight on NBC, CBS, FOX, Univision, BET, MSNBC and TV One for delivery of his final argument to the voters.

Could it seem to some voters like overkill?

Glad to see we're back to the elitist, out-of-touch, The Chosen Uppity Colored Man meme from September there, guys. I was kinda beginning to miss it.

But that's okay. Remember, Your Liberal Media is "in the tank for Obama".

Dick Morris Explains It All Again

Dick Morris: still America's Worst Pundit(tm).

If current survey trends continue, Obama will finish with less than 50 percent in the polls. Even discounting the Nader vote (some people never learn), the undecided voters could tip the race either way. How will they break?

Since there is no incumbent, they cannot automatically be assigned to the challenger; and since turnout is likely to be huge, the current undecided voters will probably make their way to the polls and cast their ballots.

But for whom?

At the beginning of this contest, Obama effectively made the case that the election was a referendum on Bush's performance in office. Painting a vote for McCain as a desire for "four more years of the same failed policies," he made the most of Bush's dismal approval rating. Had he been able to keep the focus on Bush, he would likely have inherited most of the undecided vote.

But as Obama surged into a more or less permanent lead in October, animated by the financial crisis, he has assumed many of the characteristics of an incumbent. Every voter asks himself one question before he or she casts a ballot: Do I want to vote for Obama? His uniqueness, charisma and assertive program have so dominated the dialogue that the election is now a referendum on Obama.

As Obama has oscillated, moving somewhat above or somewhat below 50 percent in all the October polls, his election likely hangs in the balance. If he falls short of 50 percent in these circumstances, a majority of the voters can be said to have rejected him. Likely a disproportionate number of the undecideds will vote for McCain.

Got that? Obama is now the incumbent before he has even been elected, therefore his aura of "inevitable" means the public is tired of him, they are "rejecting" him, and that McSame is the scrappy, energetic challenger that undecided voters will flock to in the last week.

You know, even though all the polls show Obama leading. All of them.

I have doubts about the "inevitability" of Obama, myself. But this theory is not the explanation for what a McSame win would consist of. That little nightmare scenario has a much different tune.

Oh, and Dick Morris is still an idiot.

Yeah, I'm Real Proud Of This In My State

Wildcat Pride, baby.

University of Kentucky police are investigating who hung an effigy believed to be Democrat Sen. Barack Obama from a tree on the Lexington campus Wednesday morning.

UK President Lee Todd, after a news conference Wednesday, said that UK police have notified federal authorities of the incident. Todd said a professor saw the effigy on the tree near the Rose Street parking garage across from the Mining and Minerals building this morning and called police. The professor then sent Todd an email notifying him of the incident.

UK police took down the effigy and have it as evidence, Todd said. Todd said anyone with any information about the incident should contact UK police. The effigy was likely placed there sometime overnight. But it's in a well-traveled area and police are hoping that someone saw something, Todd said.

Todd called the act "deplorable" and "abominal" and says that type of behavior is not tolerated on UK's campus.


...And take Mitch McConnell and this racist bullshit with you.

Rate Cut!

Fed does make that 50 BP rate cut. Markets wanted more, of course. Dow dropped under 8,900 there for a while. Of's not like it'll do any good anyway.

So far at least, the Fed (and Treasury) have had less success in restoring confidence. "Pushing on a string" is the term often used to describe a central bank that can't get economic activity to respond -- no matter how aggressively it acts -- because sentiment is so fragile, not to mention the banking system.

There are three likely long-term outcomes to such a scenario, and only one of them is particularly hopeful -- kinda like what coaching legend Woody Hayes said about passing the football: "Only three things can happen, and two of them are bad."

  • The Fed's actions help put a floor under the economy, preventing a severe recession and paving the way for a normal recovery.
  • The Fed cuts rates to zero and the economy remains moribund, i.e. the dreaded Japan scenario.
  • The Fed reignites inflationary pressures by continuing to devalue the dollar via its "easy money" policies. (If you believe that's the most likely outcome, best to have some exposure to commodities, TIPs and equities since cash will become trash - perhaps literally.)
I'm betting on both number 2 AND number 3 myself. The 1% interest rate "REFI YOUR HOME NOW! INTEREST RATES AT HISTORIC LOWS!" beast is how we got into this mess in the first place.

Hell, I expect us to be at 0.5% before the end of the year. There will be big pressure from Wall Street to drop the rate to zero. They'll have to. They'll have no other choice. Not even Obama will stop them.

And then the hyperinflation fun REALLY begins.

What Obama Is Up Against In PA

He's up against this. I don't buy's Obama 96%+ win percentage on Tuesday for a second. I don't buy the GOP "We expect McSame to lose" argument for a second. McSame himself is still guaranteeing a win. He says the polls are wrong across the board. He knows voters out there in America think like the folks in the video above and aren't telling pollsters about it.

One reason McSame's camp says the polls are wrong is because they believe true voter turnout is being massively overestimated based on new registrations. They know these new voters -- primarily Democratic voters -- will either not vote, not be able to vote, or not have their vote counted correctly.

Mass disenfranchisement of urban, minority, and poor voters -- Obama voters -- is already underway. The election will be far closer then anyone thinks. As I said yesterday in pointing out Digby's post on the GOP trying to own the voter fraud meme, the GOP Pretty Hate Machine must be dismantled. The GOP is preparing to steal the race once again, this time by saying the Dems are the ones defrauding the nation's voters when as usual with these assclowns, just the opposite is true.

But does anyone here actually think the unitary executive power that Preznitman/Nameless One acquired over eight years will just be handed over to the Democrats?

I don't buy it. Neither should you. Vote. If America blows it here, if the GOP gets away with it yet again, we don't get another chance to save the country.

McSame...and President Palin...will see to that.

[UPDATE] Steven D at the Frog Pond has more on the "McSame = Truman" meme the GOP has been pushing for the last two weeks.


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