Friday, August 21, 2015

Last Call For Trumping Of Compassion

As The Donald keeps saying, “We gotta take our country back.”

The homeless man was lying on the ground, shaking, when police arrived early Wednesday. His face was soaked, apparently with urine, his nose broken, his chest and arms battered. 
Police said two brothers from South Boston ambushed the 58-year-old as he slept outside of a Dorchester MBTA stop, and targeted him because he is Hispanic. One of the brothers said he was inspired in part by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

This will end well.

Trump, told of the alleged assault, said “it would be a shame . . . I will say that people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again. They are passionate.”

Other “passionate” things include rabid wolverines, angry mobs, and racist beatings administered by a couple of assholes from Southie.

Alerted by witnesses, troopers arrested the brothers, and said the men continued to be disorderly in custody. Steve Leader allegedly urinated on his cell door, and both brothers allegedly made threats to staff members. 
Police said Scott Leader, 38, told them it was OK to assault the man because he was Hispanic and homeless. 
Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported,” he allegedly told the police.

Whether or not you think Trump is a colossal cosmic joke inflicted on the body politic, the hatred he’s stoking is very real, and has very real consequences. This is apparently what Trump’s campaign is inspiring in some people, and I’m only surprised that it took this long to manifest. Trump is far from alone, but the nasty secret of the GOP is that he's the most hateful of the bunch and that's why he's ahead.

“Making America greatly racist again” is a hell of a campaign slogan, Donny.

Taking Their Country Back

This is the kind of thing we're fighting against in 2015, and things simply have not changed from 1965 in places like Georgia.

Effingham County High School’s mascot was the focus of a heated school board meeting held in Springfield Tuesday night.

A small group of people, led by the NAACP, want the mascot changed from the “Rebels”, usually pictured as a Confederate soldier holding a Confederate Flag.

"We have come to make a petition to right the wrong that should have been corrected 60 years ago,” said Leroy Lloyd, president of the Effingham NAACP.

The petition - made by the local NAACP - is for the school board to remove the use of all confederate symbols used by the school. This includes the Rebel mascot, the use of the Confederate flag, and the school's "Dixie" fight song.

Some say the history and hate associated with these symbols cannot be severed.

Pastor Franklin Blanks, Jr., First Union Baptist Church, said, "We should do better. We cannot ignore this practice any longer. We ask you to do the respect of representing all citizens. Do what is fair and honest concerning this practice."

But the overwhelming majority of people who attended Tuesday’s meeting disagreed.

Stanley Carter, resident, said, "You try to erase my heritage, you try to erase anything you think is racist. But the whole time you were up here, sir. I apologize, but everything you said was racist."

Cheers and boos rose from the crowd of hundreds throughout the meeting, some people were nearly escorted out by law enforcement for speaking out of turn.

"Everything you said is racist" says the angry white man to the black man who dares ask why the symbols of racism are being used in a public, taxpayer-funded high school. And these guys will go to the polls and vote Republican every damn time.

Rand Paul Buys An Election

If there's any doubt as to whether or not Rand Paul is scared of losing both the GOP 2016 nomination and his Senate seat, what he's doing in here in Kentucky to literally buy a caucus system for the state GOP proves it.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul has transferred $250,000 to the Republican Party of Kentucky as a down payment on the presidential caucuses he has asked the party to conduct in March, he told members of the state party's central committee in an email Monday. 
Paul is seeking the party's help in bypassing a state law that prohibits him from running for president and for re-election to his Senate seat on the same ballot next year. He wrote to the party's state central committee, which has nearly 350 members, in an effort to quell concern about the cost of a caucus. 
In his email, Paul repeated his promise that he "will fully fund this caucus." 
"I wanted to formally ask you once again to vote for this plan," he wrote. "Before you do, I wanted you to hear straight from me about the plan to fund it." 
Paul said "numbers aren't 100 percent final," but estimates put the cost of a caucus at $400,000 to $500,000. 
In addition to the $250,000 payment, Paul said he would "raise or transfer" $200,000 more "at a date agreed upon by my team and RPK, roughly midfall after all the budgets and rules are finalized, the RNC (Republican National Committee) accepts our plan, the caucus is an absolute legal certainty and the funds are shown to be needed.
Additionally, Paul said he expected that $150,000 to $225,000 would be raised by charging every presidential candidate who wants to participate in the caucus a $15,000 filing fee. 
"As you can see, this requires a lot of funds and effort by my team and myself," Paul wrote. "We are ready to do it right now, and with your vote on Aug. 22, we will all move forward, together."

So yeah, the guy is literally buying a caucus system win, so he can win at least one state and then run on the ballot for his Senate seat when he loses the GOP nomination next July.  It's a complete joke.

And yet in this state, who's going to run against him?  Grimes?  Jack Conway?  Hell, me?


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