Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rally Caps!

Off to tonight's Obama rally in Cincy.

Catch you later.

McSame Shows His Hand

Today on FOX News, McSame campaign manager Rick Davis revealed his strategy for winning on Wednesday: Taking Obama to court in every state that Mcsame doesn't win.
If the McCain campaign believes voter fraud from groups like ACORN tainted the result of Tuesday's election, it will resort to "legal remedies," McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said.

Fox's Chris Wallace asked Davis the following: "But I just want to make it clear. You reserve the right, if you feel that something has gone down wrong in any state in the country, that you'll go to court."

Davis responded: "Absolutely. There's no question that we're going to monitor this election. We have the largest election day operation in the history of our party's activities to ensure that we have a fair and honest election."

Alluding to past election fraud, Wallace asked Davis if allegations of Republicans suppressing voters could create a "blizzard of lawsuits" that would prevent a decisive tally for weeks after Tuesday.

"I think on Wednesday morning you'll wake up and John McCain will be president elect," Davis said.

When Wallace questioned Davis about recent allegations that Republicans are preventing thousands of eligible voters from casting their vote, Davis said the fault lies with "liberal activist groups."

"What's happened is a bunch of liberal activist groups like ACORN and others... have taken it upon themselves to try and frame this election as anything but honest," Davis said.

The GOP has denounced the accusations of voter suppression as a "reckless strategy" of the Obama campaign, which has released fliers warning of the issue.

Davis pointed to the federal investigation underway against ACORN as an example of liberals, and not Republicans, being guilty of fraudulent election practices.

"In fact, if there's anything to look at, it's the manipulation of these voter rolls before the election that's caused so many problems," Davis said. "We're not going to stand for it."
Pay attention folks. The real battle for the Presidency will only partially be fought on Tuesday. The GOP still controls the courts.

The election will not be over on Wednesday. Should Obama actually come out ahead by anything less than a massive landslide, the GOP will sue, sue, sue.

They will try to paint Obama as illegitimate as possible. What Democrats SHOULD have done to Bush in 2000 will instead be done to Obama in 2008.

Stay tuned. This is just beginning. Should Obama win Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, I predict McSame lawsuits in all three states as well as Virginia, NC, and Colorado if they go blue.

These lawsuits will seek to disenfranchise millions upon millions of voters. I guarantee it. McSame will not roll over like Gore did in 2000. No way. No how. Obama must have cheated and we'll sue and sue and sue until the Supremes step in and decide this election again. Watch. It's coming.

I hope I'm wrong. I really, honestly hope to God, Goddess, Allah, Buddha, Sikkar the Lightbringer and the Flying Spaghetti Monster that I'm wrong and Obama's margin of victory just crushes McSame across the board in battleground state after battleground state.

So vote Tuesday by all means. We have to run up the scoreboard. Vote Monday if you can. But keep in mind Rick Davis has revealed his campaign's hand: John McSame's temperament will not allow him to lose without a violent and ugly fight, the result of which at the minimum will be to make Obama look as illegitimate as Bush 43 should have looked to the nation in January 2001. The wingnuts will not allow him to give up. And the whole rotten stinking kettle of fish may end up in front of the ultimate activist judge panel.

What does John McSame know that we don't know? What gives him that preternatural calmness and confidence? He knows the true battle begins Wednesday.

Does anyone here honestly believe the GOP will accept the complete and utter repudiation of their party without scorching the earth beneath the feet of America's political system into blackened glass?

Me either.

So vote. Get your friends to vote. Drive people to the polls. Do whatever you can. I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off to do just that, knock, hit the call centers for Ohio across the river, the 72 hour bombardment, whatever it takes. I'm reporting bright and early Monday morning here in Cincy.

Run up the scoreboard. Prove the mandate of the people beyond any shadow of a doubt. Pray that BooMan's predictions of the Great Realignment are true, and that everything breaks Obama's way in a blue tsunami that utterly crushes and drowns the GOP.

Because the alternative is going to be five of nine old people deciding that everything we did in the last twelve months didn't matter and that millions of our votes didn't count.

Once more into the breach, dear friends. We have a job to do. We have to fight over the next two days to make sure this is won Tuesday.

Because the GOP is planning to start the real fight on Wednesday.


Poll-nographic Images

Much has been made by the Right of the Gallup "traditional estimate" poll, made using past esitmates of turnout models (the so called "likely voters") as opposed to the other polls using current turnout models ("registered voters").

Gallup in fact has two polls, one likely voters, one registered voters. The McSame camp was giddy as a schoolgirl when the likely voter poll showed Obama's lead had narrowed from 7 points to just two points in three days, from October 24 (51-44%) to October 27th (49-47%).

The McSame camp and the wingnuts assured America that young people and minorities were simply not going to vote this year, that the turnout was going to follow more traditional models, and that John McCain would be able to pull out a close upset victory if not be ahead by the final weekend and go on to win. It was important because Obama had fallen below 50%, and McSame was within the margin of error. The McSame camp predicted that therefore this proved the race was in fact a tossup.

Smug and assured, they laughed at Obama's half-hour ad buy and said it would backfire, doing more harm than good. It would be Obama being "uppity and presumptuous" again, adressing the nation with a "crass infomercial".

And since October 27th, since Obama's half-hour "closing argument" ad buy on Wednesday night, they expected John McSame to be in control heading into the final weekend before Tuesday's election. The trends were clear, and they believed in the "likely voter" model.

But, there's one small detail they forgot to factor in, you see. The McSame campaign has been much been 100% WRONG about everything.

For you see, Obama is now leading the Gallup likely voter poll by ten points.
Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) has taken the largest lead yet among likely voters against Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in the national Gallup poll released Saturday. Obama expanded his lead to ten percent from nine percent on Friday.

Obama's lead is a dramatic rise from the 49-47 percent margin that Gallup registered just four days ago.

Gallup added, "This is the first time since Gallup began estimating likely voters in early October that there is no difference between Gallup's two likely voter models. Obama's lead of 52% to 42% using Gallup's traditional estimate of likely voting criteria takes into account past voting as well as current intentions. Obama's identical lead using the expanded model takes into account only current voting intentions."

"Both of these likely voter estimates in turn are almost identical to Gallup's 52% to 41% registered voter estimate.

McSame had a chance if he stayed above 45 and Obama at 50. Now? Now he's in trouble. The dominoes are falling in the other direction. It greatly appears that Obama's ad buy may have in fact sealed the deal among undecided voters instead of hurting him.

We may have reached a tipping point here with less than 48 hours before polls open.
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