Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last Call

Sarah Palin and NBA star Glen Rice?  I think my brain just exploded.

Sarah hooked up with the NBA great, then a 6-foot-8 junior at the University of Michigan when he was playing in a college basketball tournament in Alaska in 1987, the book says. At the time, Sarah, just out of college, was working as a sports reporter for the Anchorage TV station KTUU.
A publishing source told The ENQUIRER that McGinniss claims Sarah had a ‘fetish’ for black men at the time and he quotes a friend as saying Sarah had ‘hauled (Rice’s) ass down.”

As a black man, can I just say EWWWWWWWWWWW.

Seriously.  Gaaaaaaaah.

Another Milepost On The Road To Oblivion

Zero Hedge flags down your Chart O' The Day:

New all time low. USA! USA! USA!

Exciting New Horizons In Obama Derangement Syndrome

The right wing despises Michelle Obama exponentially more than they ever cared about Hillary Clinton.

Before today, when the right-wing media made up quotations to attack progressives, they at least had some audio to misinterpret. But now, they are reduced to lip-reading.

The Washington Times' senior editorial writer for foreign affairs James Robbins and right-wing bloggers are claiming that Michelle Obama likely disparaged the American flag during a ceremony commemorating the 9/11 attacks.

They have posted video of Michelle Obama whispering something inaudible to her husband during the ceremony and are speculating that she said "all this just for a flag," "all that for a flag," or "all of this for a damn flag." (They disagree on exactly what she said.)

Blogger Jim Hoft, still in the running for the Dumbest Man on the Internet, didn't even have the confidence to type the fake Michelle Obama quotation himself. He instead provided a link to an American Thinker post making the accusation for him.

But Debbie Schlussel takes the cake:

I can't really tell for sure, but a number of people are abuzz about this video of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Hussein Obama Idi Amin Dada. The consensus seems to be that the First Ms. Thang is saying to hubby Barack, "All of this for a damn flag." (She said this about the American flag -- you know the one brave men died for.) Wouldn't be surprised if that's what she said because we know she hates America and previously said she wasn't proud of our country until Obama had a chance to become Prez. Looks like that's what she said, but I can't tell for sure. I would need a deaf person or other expert lip reader to confirm. Watch and see if you agree (like I said, even if she didn't say exactly that, we know she's thinkin' it).

But no, if you point out that this foul invective is racially motivated, you're the evil racist in the room.  Can anyone ever tell me in eight years if Laura Bush was attacked like this?

Facebook Freaks Out

They must be freaked out, because they have given up the one thing that set them apart... originality.  Facebook has shown a major concern over other social networking sites by adopting some of their features.  For example, they will have a function that works like circles on Google+, and a subscribe feature that mimics Twitter.

A few key things to remember is that Facebook has allowed you to sort friends in the past, but it was a colorless feature that was not intuitive or helpful, and was aggravating to manage.  It also made something like the subscribe feature impossible because the controls over who could see what is difficult.  Users will finally be able to have a fully public, work, friends and private realm.  Friending will not have to be a mutual event.

It's good to see the features, though the seem to have come as a response to someone else's ingenuity... which must trouble them quite a bit, as it should.

Follow Up: Flaming Art

Good art isn't always pretty.  Sometimes it is thought provoking, other times it is an image we would have never dreamed of but will never be the same once we have seen it.  Once in a while, it is controversial, other times it is delightfully creative.

Offers for the painting began pouring in after the Los Angeles Times reported last month that authorities wanted to know if Schaefer planned to burn the bank down. He got so many offers that he decided to put the 22-by-28-inch oil on canvas up for auction on eBay.

A German art collector who wishes to remain anonymous bought it last week for $25,200.

Schaefer says he told the police officers who visited him outside the Chase branch, and those who came to his home later, that the paintings were meant to be a metaphor for the financial havoc the banking industry has created.

After pointing out he would be a fool to paint a burning bank and then burn a bank, the artist has now accomplished a goal far bigger than a series for a local display. He has sold a painting that made headlines, expressed his passion and brought attention to a sign of our times. I hope he isn't a one hit wonder.

Handy Dandy Fact Check

(CNN) - The statement: "President Obama, in a stunning, shocking level of power, now just recently told all private insurance companies, 'You must offer the morning-after abortion pill, because I said so. And it must be free of charge.' That same level coming through executive orders and through government dictates is wrong." – Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, at Monday night's CNN/Tea Party Republican presidential debate

The facts: In August, the Department of Health and Human Services announced a list of several women's health services it will require health insurance plans to cover, including screenings for conditions such as gestational diabetes, human papillomavirus (HPV) and counseling on sexually transmitted diseases.
I am ashamed to have been sold out by a female.  A woman who is willing to make a decision for half of all Americans based on what makes her feel warm and fuzzy.  A puppet who will do whatever the big boys tell her to, and a dog who will bark on command. To come full circle, a female dog.  Nuff said.

Get These Emm Effing Snakes In The Emm Effing Government

Republicans are why we can't have nice things.  Take bridges and roads, for example.  But snakes, well, we need more snakes, according to the GOP.

GOP members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are incensed over a proposed regulation that would restrict the transportation and importation of nine types of snakes, including the Burmese Python.

In a new report entitled "Broken Government: How the Administrative State has Broken President Obama's Promise of Regulatory Reform," GOP members cited the proposed snake ban as one of seven examples of red tape choking off job growth in an already ailing economy.

One witness invited to testify, snake breeder David Barke, told lawmakers that the rules "threatens as many as a million law-abiding American citizens and their families with the penalty of a felony conviction for pursuing their livelihoods, for pursuing their hobby, or for simply moving with their pet to new state."

Politico reports that Florida officials, led by Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), are pushing for the new rules because the Everglades are under attack by 100,000 gigantic Burmese pythons who have been accidentally introduced by negligent pet owners. The outside invaders have been on a rampage, devouring native birds and other creatures. One python grew so big that it managed to devour a six-foot alligator before exploding. No really. This actually happened. There's a photo.

To recap, laws that control your uterus are vital governmental regulations.  Laws that protect you from Burmese pythons eating your pets and small kids, red tape worthy of a second American revolution against the tyrant Obama who broke government.

It's exhausting pointing out the hypocrisy.

The Nameless One Has No Soul

Dick Cheney is the biggest asshole on Earth.  Poop comes out of him.

In a previous interview with ABC, Cheney had warned GOP presidential candidates about saying they opposed the debt-ceiling increase under any circumstances. But he reiterated his support for using the debt ceiling as a negotiating tool to encourage budget cuts.

"You've gotta maintain the credit worthiness of the United States government," Cheney said. "And you've got an obligation obviously to pay your debts. I didn't have a problem with the notion that our guys would say, 'But we're not doing anything with the debt ceiling until you sign up for deficit reduction.'"

This is the same Vice-President who in 2002 said "Reagan proved deficits don't matter" when it came to spending trillions for Iraq and Afghanistan.

But when President Obama took office, suddenly Cheney's a fiscal conservative.


Louisville Bridge Is Falling Down, Part 3

Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth from here in Kentucky went on Rachel Maddow this week to talk about our Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul say we can't afford infrastructure in America, and really that the people of McConnell's hometown can just sacrifice to give the "job creators" more tax cuts.

YARMUTH: What he needs to do is he needs come back to the district, he needs to stand there and talk to the people who are waiting in line and say, ‘You know, we don’t need to be investing in infrastructure, we can’t afford it right now. And ask them to make the sacrifice.’ He’s not willing to do that. Again, to portray what the president has said as just another political act defies reality. He’s staring in the face of something that is of enormous consequence to hundreds of thousands of his constituents. … This affects everybody. Mitch needs to take a leadership role in the Senate to help get this kind of investment adopted by Congress. If he doesn’t step forward, I don’t know how we can get it done. But he needs to. These are his people.

Yep, and I'm one of them, a registered, likely voter in Kentucky, and I want to see these bridges fixed before they have to be shut down for months.

Industrial trucking companies have estimated the closure is costing them as much as $4,400 a day, while local companies have had to accommodate employees whose commute times have increased by more than an hour in some instances. Extra costs and potential drops in productivity will have an untold negative impact on the local economy. Kentucky and Indiana, meanwhile, may pay for repairs by diverting funds from other infrastructure projects, including a new Ohio River bridge.

You see, this bridge closure is costing taxpayers and businesses far more than just fixing the bridge in the first place.  But we can't afford to fix the bridges because that's too expensive?

Republicans just think you're stupid.


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