Monday, June 8, 2009

Bubble And Squeak

On the heels of a UK government scandal involving Ministers charging millions in pounds to government expense accounts and calls for PM Gordon Brown to resign, British elections have revealed a whole new problem: ultra far-right nationalists from the British National Party have won a couple seats in Parliament.
In a result that hands the far-right party an international platform, Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, clinched a seat in the North West and the party also gained a MEP in Yorkshire and the Humber.

The party had capitalised on the expenses furore during the election campaign but mainly benefited from the Labour meltdown, winning key votes from its traditional strongholds.

In the North West, Mr Griffin gained the eighth MEP seat, although his party gained fewer votes than in the 2004 election. Labour lost 240,000 disaffected voters. In Yorkshire the BNP won almost 10 per cent of the vote, most of it from Labour.

The result sent shockwaves through the mainstream parties, with the BNP undoubtedly poised to use its win to claim that it has political legitimacy.

Andy Burnham, the Health Secretary, described the win as a “sad moment in British politics”. Both Gordon Brown and David Cameron have been outspoken recently about the BNP.

And when I say "far-right wing nationalists" I mean "neo-Nazi skinhead racist assholes in nice suits." Imagine a couple of White Power dudes getting elected to the House here in the US. That's where the UK is right now. The Pretty Hate Machine is on the loose, and not just in the US.

Stupidinews, Birthday Edition

Another year older, but the world keeps getting more stupid. Go fig.
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