Friday, October 25, 2013

Zandar's Thought Of The Day

Ezra Klein pegs the "lack of self-awareness" meter:

Now if only he would stop freaking out about Obamacare, because Jon Cohn's chart there really is solid evidence that more people (many, many more people) will sign up for insurance at as we get closer to the deadline.

Sadly, Ezra just can't help himself.

Le sigh, le moan.

Master Villain, Meet Reality

Sometimes police work is a grueling, painstaking, and dangerous battle against some truly frightening criminals who are ruthless and have nearly unlimited resources.  Of course, sometimes police work is just waiting for complete morons to Darwin themselves right into prison time, too.

Allen Wayne Densen Morgan, a 29-year-old veteran from Munford, Ala. entered a guilty plea in federal court Thursday for attempting to hire Ku Klux Klansmen to murder his neighbor. According to court documents, Morgan told an undercover FBI agent he wanted to see his neighbor "hung from a tree like he is an animal" and "his dick cut off" over accusations that the man, a convicted sex offender, had raped his wife. 
An affidavit given by FBI Special Agent Cornelius Harris Jr. in support of a criminal complaint filed Aug. 26 explains that Morgan believed his neighbor, Clifford Maurice Mosley, raped his wife earlier that month. Records show that Mosley, who is African American, was arrested in 2008 for sexual abuse, a fact Morgan was aware of. Harris wrote that Morgan told an undercover FBI agent he responded to the alleged rape by attempting to "force a confrontation" with Mosley on Aug. 22 by firing "multiple rounds of ammunition" at Mosley on the street outside their homes. 
"Mosley fled on foot as Morgan fired several shots in the ground beside him in an effort to intimidate him," explained Harris. "Morgan assessed that Mosley must be guilty of the rape of his wife because Mosley never tried to defend himself by standing his ground or offering to reason with Morgan." 
Shortly after this incident, Harris said an undercover FBI agent who identified himself as a Klansman called Morgan in order to "verify his desire to murder" Mosley. According to the complaint, during that conversation, Morgan described the shooting incident and said he would meet with the agent on Aug. 25 to arrange payment. The undercover agent claimed he was "en route to Tennessee to pick up a partner to take care of this matter for Morgan." 
"Morgan advised that he and his family are supportive of the plan to murder Clifford Maurice Mosley," Harris wrote, adding that Morgan said his father-in-law and mother-in-law wanted "to dynamite the entire block."

Sometimes I just don't know how humanity has made it this far without wiping ourselves off the face of the earth.  We may yet still do that, frankly.  Hell, we're probably in the process of doing that right now.


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