Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eric, Prince Of Insufficient Light

Former Blackwater CEO Eric Prince has gone the full Palpatine route, vowing revenge against the Democrats who actually thought that having a nutbar fundie with his own private army wasn't conducive to America's aims in the Middle East.  Well, he's going to make those meddling kids pay!

The owner of Xe Services, the company formerly known as Blackwater, is writing a book that will allege officials in the Clinton and Obama administrations "approved of his most sensitive and controversial operations," says a report in the Washington Post.

The Post's Jeff Stein cites two unnamed sources who say Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, is hurrying to sell his company before he can go public with a book that takes aim at the Democratic Party.

One of the sources told Stein that Prince and his friends "think this will destroy the Democratic Party in the elections."

The source, who is described as having a "business relationship with Xe," said Prince had "given his people three weeks to complete the sale of the company and the book will be released then," in time for the November elections.

Only the problem is nobody seems to give a crap about Blackwater anymore, and let's be perfectly honest, we've already got America refusing to give a damn about the fact Obama's got his own assassination squad working to take out terrorists like Bin Laden and hey, even Americans who may be helping him.  That's been public knowledge for months now and nobody seems to give a damn.

I kind of fail to see what Prince is going to pull here, but it should be more depressing than anything else.  Or darkly funny in an unintentional manner.  Still, there are a few folks who are a bit antsy about this, according to Jeremy Scahill at The Nation (who has been following Prince for a while now and has written a book on him.)

We'll see if ol' Eric here can deliver.

Well That's Rather Depressing

If you think I'm a killjoy when it comes to Obama and the Dems, apparently I have nothing on Peter Daou's depressing-as-all-hell Twitter feed.

Thanks for the perspective, Rumpies.

Still Crazy After All These...Weeks

While I've been mostly concentrating on Rand Paul's unique brand of laissez-faire lunacy here in Kentucky ("Hey who needs federal mine safety, environmental protections, or drug enforcement anyway?") it seems Christine O' Donnell has been coming on strong as the Tea Party candidate in Delaware's relatively late-in-the-year GOP Senate primary against 9-term Rep. Mike Castle on Tuesday.

O' Donnell definitely is missing a few parts out of the box.  She's a hard-core fundie even among hard core fundies, railing against porn and even masturbation while repeatedly insinuating Mike Castle is gay, she's of course picked up the endorsement of Moose Lady and now via Oliver Willis we learn she has also picked up the endorsement of the NRA.

But the oddest part is O'Donnell's continued attacks on Castle's masculinity.

In an interview with conservative radio host Mark Levin, O'Donnell called on her opponent "get your man-pants on" in the contentious election fight.

The comment came in response to news that the state Republican party of Delaware -- a firm supporter of Castle's campaign -- filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission accusing O'Donnell of breaking the law in coordinating her political operation with the Tea Party Express.

O'Donnell blasted the legal action as "cheap, underhanded," and "unmanly." She added, however, that she would expect no less from "Obama's favorite Republican -- Mike Castle."

The conservative Senate candidate concluded: "Mike this is not a bake-off. Get your man-pants on."

Castle's fighting for his political life here.  The GOP is more than happy to throw a nine-term Congressman out on his ass in favor of a nutbar like O'Donnell here.  Oliver sums it up nicely:
The biggest Tea Party success to date, Scott Brown, knows that at the end of the day that he’s the senator from Massachusetts. Besides his health care opposition, he’s made a few votes that have broken the GOP logjam in the Democrat’s favor and on social issues supports things like abortion rights. Brown’s position is similar to Democrats in conservative districts and states. But O’Donnell? She’s trying to get statewide office in a state that went 61% for Obama and re-elected Biden while he was running for vice president, and she’s no moderate – not even by the media’s conservative definition of what a moderate is.

Not sure if she'll win the primary OR the general, but this may be yet another Hoffman Effect pickup for the Dems.  This right here is exactly why I don't see the "GOP tsunami" coming to "permanently wipe out the Democrats" anytime soon, because the Republicans are doing a fine job of sabotaging themselves.

I say bring on the lunatics.  The fact that Democrats are running very competitive races in these states thanks to how hard-core crazy these fools are means that there's a very good chance the Dems can limit the damage.

StupidiNews, Weekend Edition!

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