Friday, January 1, 2010

Last Call

Gotta love nutballs.  Seems the Danish cartoonist who depicted a rather explosive Mohammed, Kurt Westergaard,  ran into some trouble today.  A Somali man broke into his home brandishing a few weapons and was shot for his troubles.
The 27-year-old man, who was not identified, wielded an ax and a knife and cracked a window at Westergaard's home in Aarhus, said police spokesman Morten Jensen. A home alarm alerted police to the scene at 10 p.m., and they were attacked by the man, he said.

The officers shot the man in the right leg and left hand. He was hospitalized, but was not seriously injured, police said.

Danish intelligence officials said the suspect is connected to al-Shabaab, al Qaeda's ally in east Africa.

The incident "once again confirms the terrorist threat that is directed against Denmark and against cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, in particular," said Jakob Scharf, spokesman for the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, in a statement.
Yeah, I'd keep an eye on the guy too.

A Pair To Think About

Two health care stories from ABC News tonight.  First, Rush Limbaugh is out of the hospital and is doing fine, apparently.
Limbaugh, who made no public statements during his two days in the hospital, added that he is "grateful that this happened as it did."

Limbaugh was admitted to Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu on Wednesday afternoon after he experienced chest pains while vacationing in Hawaii. According to Limbaugh, doctors could not determine the exact cause of his pain.

The right wing talk radio king used the moment for a political shot at President Obama's massive effort to reform health care, saying he got the best medical care "right here in the United States of America." "I don't think there's one thing wrong with the United States health system," he said.
Nothing wrong with our health care system...if you have the kind of money Rush Limbaugh does.  39-year old Bill Caudle doesn't.  He lost his job and had to join to Army to get health insurance for his wife, who is being treated with chemo for ovarian cancer.  A father of three who is making a hell of a sacrifice...perhaps the ultimate sacrifice, as he's going to Afghanistan...just to be able to afford health care for his wife.

But there's not one thing wrong with our system.

Not one thing.  If you're El Rushbo, that is.

[UPDATE 11:07 PMSteve M. has an excellent take on this.
But Limbaugh knows that, at least to part of the country, his let-them-eat-cake statement actually sounds plausible. To these people, Limbaugh isn't an Ivy League, big-city elitist, even if he is filthy rich and incredibly influential. To them, the insiders are "liberal elitists" like the president of the United States and all Democrats (every one of whom is, by definition, a real or honorary big-city latte-swilling elitist) ... as well as every poor, uninsured person who needs health care. In the wingnut narrative, that's the enemy: the unholy alliance of the elite and the unwashed. The elite, you see, use the poor as a weapon to destroy civilization as hard-working, rock-ribbed regular Americans know it. And one of the most regular, most non-elite guys around is ... Rush Limbaugh! He didn't go to Harvard! He isn't a swell! He's just a regular guy from Missouri!

So when Limbaugh says the health system works, part of America thinks he's really qualified to judge. It doesn't ring false at all. They don't even recognize the completely reversal of class roles embodied in Limbaugh's statement.

If I'm right about this, we live in a very sick country.
Agreed.   Very sick.

One Really Bad Clean-Up Job

As I keep advising Republicans at all levels of government, remember that Democrats can access the internet too.  Today's violator:  Minnesota State Senate candidate Mike Perry.
Local bloggers are reporting that Minnesota State Senate candidate Mike Parry removed more than 43 racist and homophobic tweets from his Twitter feed after progressives began researching and responding to him. The Minnesota Independent highlights one of Parry’s scrubbed tweets, which was apparently directed at President Barack Obama:
The day after the New York Times published an editorial on the Matthew Shepard Act and a week after it was passed in the House, Parry posted a tweet stating “what’s with Dems and Pedophiles?” After winning the GOP’s endorsement this week, Parry aptly described himself as “pro-life, a Christian, a second amendment rights supporter, a hard worker and not politically correct.”
Not included in that description, the words "technologically savvy", "tactful enough to be in politics" or "even remotely intelligent."

Bonus points:  the GOP is backing Mike Perry anyway.  The Hoffmanization of the GOP continues unabated.

Rick Sanchez: The Exception To The Rule

Every now and again, a Villager does their job and asks the tough, uncomfortable questions.  CNN's Rick Sanchez keeps turning out to be one of those Villagers.

Yes, he's the exception that proves the rule, but perhaps after he gets Froomkined, he'll end up on MSNBC or something.

Still, it is gratifying to see John Ensign get sucker punched like this.

Drowning In Hypocrisy

I'll be the first to tell you that Obama's economic and civil liberties policies are flawed and are hurting the country.  But the alternative...well, the alternative as Steven D reminds us, is the Republicans.
The American media are quick to condemn the brutality of the religious extremists who govern Iran. Yet these people differ from the religious extremists in our own country in only one essential regard: they have control over the government of their country. Imagine what would happen if the Christian extremists in our land ever acquired that same power. We already know that many of these power mad individuals who espouse the most virulent and hateful form of Christianity have assumed control of much of the current Republican Party infrastructure at both the local and national levels.

That should be all you need to do to realize that as bad as the Democrats have been (and you know I have been more than critical of their failures both before and after Obama became President), abandoning support for them in the upcoming election cycle in 2010 is not a viable option. Unless you want the Rick Warrens or Doug Coes (or their lackeys) of the Christian Right in control of this nation's fate. For that is what will happen if we stay away from the polls and let the pied pipers of Fox News and all the crazies in the GOP lead their deluded tea bagging followers to increase the representation of Republicans in the Senate and the House.
I honestly wish that the Republican party was a sane and viable alternative to the current Democrats.  But that just is not possible right now.  The last time Americans in the middle decided the Republicans were better, we ended up with 1994 through 2008.  There are those that want us to repeat the same mistake twice, hoping for a magically different outcome should the Republicans get back into power.

The concept of principles before party is meaningless if the people you hand over the country to have no principles at all.

Epic Granite Solid Equality Win

New Hampshire's same-sex marriage law went into effect at 12:01 AM this morning, and several couples were married on the steps of the Statehouse in Concord.
After 19 years together Linda Murphy and Donna Swartwout tied the knot at 12:01 a.m. Friday, when New Hampshire's law legalizing same-sex marriage took effect.
Nineteen years together...and here's hoping for at least twice as many more.
The couple, who live in Hudson, New Hampshire, said they wanted to be married as soon as they could.

"We were thrilled and proud of New Hampshire ... it was a such a historic moment," Murphy said.

Swartwout said the marriage gives them "words and language that the rest of the world uses."

"When my nephew asks, 'Who's Linda?" I get to say, 'she's my wife,' " she said.
That arc of history does bend towards of justice, as a man infinitely better than myself once mentioned.  Nice work, Granite State.


Wile E. Republican Arrives Fresh From The Drawing Board

Above:   Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown's campaign manager

All the GOP has to do to reduce Obama to a three-year lame duck President is for Scott Brown to pretend to be Mitt Romney long enough to win Ted Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts, giving the Dems only 59 seats, giving the GOP minority effective control over Congress, giving America three years of The Party Of No, which of course will be blamed on Obama and then President Sarah Palin will take over in 2012 with a Republican Congress and a nation of grateful Teabaggers and start restoring America to glorious freedom by outlawing rational thought and compassion, forcing Americans into self-sufficiency like our Pioneer fathers or deportation of those Liberal pussies who can't hack it to Canada and then we get get back to starting a war or three, by God.

But it all starts with Scott Brown being the 41st No.

What could possibly go wrong?

(Oh yes...reality.  We failed to plan for that.  Also, Mitt Romney being the key to our plan.)

StupidiNews, New Year's Edition

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