Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last Call

Estimates of the crowd at today's One Nation rally in DC drew some 175,000+ people on the National Mall.

So...since only 87,000 or so showed up at the Glenn Beck rally on 8/28, does that mean that the Tea Party really doesn't represent all of America, and that the majority of Americans are remarkably sane, normal people?

Enquiring Zandars want to know.

Larry, Timmy, And Mike

CNBC's Larry Kudlow has a Kramerian track record on pretty much everything, so I'm not sure why anyone's paying attention to his "insider" claim that NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg will be replacing Timmy after the election.

I think Larry Kudlow is full of crap. Then again, I always think Larry Kudlow is full of crap.

Up To Yer Ears In Mountaineers

If you haven't read Matt Osborne's piece/video on Appalachia Rising, then do yourself a favor a check it out.  West Virginians battling the mining companies that have killed so many in pursuit of "clean coal" is a noble pursuit indeed.

Here in Kentucky, King Coal owns all the politicians...but they don't own the people.  More power to the Appalachia Rising can check them out here.

Republican Obstruction Has A Very Real Price, Part 2

Sen. Mitch McConnell went on a rant today in the GOP weekly address accusing Democrats of refusing to take action on the Bush tax cuts.

But the real outrage needs to be directed right at McConnell and the Republicans in Congress for killing a quarter of a million jobs this week.

They left town for their pre-election recess having blocked the extension of a successful jobs program -- praised by conservatives from Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour to economist Kevin Hassett of the American Enterprise Institute -- that provided 250,000 jobs for low-income parents and youths.

A $2.5 billion version of the extension passed the House, twice. The Senate whittled it back to $1.5 billion but still could not dislodge Republican opposition -- even though the cost would have been fully paid for.

The program was a sliver of the giant stimulus measure, but one of the most effective in terms of job creation. And it sounded as if it came straight out of the GOP playbook. The money was used overwhelmingly for private-sector jobs. It went to employers, to subsidize -- depending on the state -- all or part of wages for newly hired workers who would otherwise have been on unemployment rolls or receiving welfare. It was a particular boon to small business, helping them expand at a time when they would not have otherwise had the financial leeway to do so. 

To repeat, Republicans have blocked funding, and now 250,000 Americans are going to lose their jobs.  The Republicans killed a quarter million jobs just to make election gains.  They are heartless bastards.

So when Republicans say "Where are the jobs?", you tell them "You blocked them, you asshole."  They only care about power.  And they will sacrifice as many Americans as it takes to gain it.


Turn On The Lights, Watch The Roaches Scatter, Part 6

Things are moving quickly now in Foreclosure-gate.  Connecticut AG (and current Dem Senate candidate) Richard Blumenthal has instituted a 60 day moratorium on all foreclosures and other states are moving to follow suit.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal on Friday ordered a moratorium on all foreclosures by all banks for 60 days--the most radical action taken by a state on issue of document irregularities.

California also expanded the moratorium on foreclosures it announced last week on Ally Financial foreclosures to include those by J.P. Morgan Chase.

Calling the companies' review of key foreclosure documents "a ruse," California Attorney General Jerry Brown (D) ordered J.P. Morgan to prove it is following the law before it continues foreclosures in the state.

Both J.P. Morgan Chase and Ally have frozen foreclosures in 23 states because some employees had signed off on foreclosure paperwork without properly reviewing the files.

Colorado and Illinois have stopped foreclosures by Ally and at least seven other states have launched probes into the issue. But Connecticut is the first to institute an industry-wide ban.

A multi-state moratorium on foreclosures is almost certainly on the way in the next week or so.   When it finally dawns on investors that the big mortgage banksare most likely guilty of massive, systemic fraud against millions of homeowners (and former homeonwers) then the jig is up.  When it becomes apparent that these banks are also claiming billions of assets they don't actually own and may be liable for billions more in legal indemnity, their stocks will crater.

Connecticut's actions just froze the housing market there.  More states will follow as they investigate.  When they discover there's no all...then the game ends.

Be ready.

The O'Donnell Meatball War

Real Time host Bill Maher continues to comb the video of his old political panel show Politically Incorrect and keeps running across clips of Christine O'Donnell making an idiot out of herself circa 1999.

In 1999 Christine O'Donnell told Bill Maher that she'd briefly tried Buddhism, and that she'd tried to be a Hare Krishna but couldn't take the vegetarianism.

"I was dabbling into every other kind of religion before I became a Christian," O'Donnell said on "Politically Incorrect," a July 19, 1999 clip revealed tonight on Maher's HBO show "Real Time."

Then the kicker:

I was dabbling in witchcraft, I've dabbled in Buddhism. I would have become a Hare Krishna but I didn't want to become a vegetarian. And that is honestly the reason why -- because I'm Italian, I love meatballs!

O'Donnell, now the Republican Senate nominee in Delaware, has described herself as a devout Catholic and she targeted evangelical voters during her successful primary campaign.

I wouldn't trust this woman to watch a crock pot, let alone be a United States Senator.  And yet there she is, the GOP candidate, admitting crazy stuff like this on national television.

Jesus wept.  Arguably so does the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

StupidiNews, Weekend Edition!

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