Les Phillip, one of the Republicans who was already in the race against Rep. Parker Griffith (R-Ala.) before he switched parties today, confirmed to TWI that he’s going to stay in the race. Earlier today, Mo Brooks — seen as the GOP’s front-runner until today — also said he was staying in.

“I welcome him to the correct party and I wish him well, and I’m staying in the race,” Phillip told TWI. “I’m glad he saw the light, after almost 70 years of life.”

Phillip also told TWI that Republican voters, given the chance to examine Griffith, had serious reasons to doubt his sincerity.

“The question is the same question you ask in a court case,” said Phillip. “When someone lied before, and now says he’s telling the truth, well: Was he lying then, or is he lying now?”
Congrats Parker.  You've joined the GOP!  Your first order of business, getting primaried out of the race by the Teabaggers!

What, you didn't think they were going to call you a RINO and vow to bury you?  Are you really that stupid?

They want you gone.  You're a filthy liberal as far as your new friends are concerned.  And they are going to end you.

Have a nice day.

[UPDATE 2 2:20 PM] TPMDC's Eric Kleefield reminds us that this year the GOP accused Griffith of killing cancer patients and supporting radical Islam.

With friends like these...