Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thrown Under The Longships

As Steve M details, Republican NYC councilman Dan Halloran was one of the named co-conspirators in Monday's goofy plot where disaffected Democrat Malcolm Smith was trying to apparently bribe his way onto the NYC mayor's ticket as a Republican.  Halloran, being a FOX News contributor, of course had to be jettisoned from the organization rather permanently, so we see the New York Post with Halloran's secret on the front page today.

Halloran, you may recall, was the guy most responsible for spreading the story -- ultimately debunked -- that union snow-removal workers deliberately engaged in a work slowdown after a Christmas-week blizzard hit New York City in 2010. Halloran has also been a frequent guest on Fox News, opining on everything from Mike Bloomberg's large-soda ban to the Obama administration's Middle East policy.

Now we learn (hat tip: Gawker) that Halloran is a pagan, a member of a polytheistic pre-Christian church whose tenets at one point required him to be flogged.

So we are told by the New York Post (apparently Murdoch's media empire no longer has any use for Halloran).

The religion, Theodism, is definitely of a pagan branch.  Hey folks, I know pagans, they're fine people.  Nothing wrong with that.  What's wrong with it is then pretending to be Christian to attack Islam as a false religion and hanging out with bigots like Pam Geller.

In a video made by "Stop Islamization for America," you can see Halloran seated on a dais near Pamela Geller before speaking at an event called "The Ground Zero Mosque: The Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks."

... "Let me apologize on behalf of the cowards in politics, who choose to stand up for special interests instead of doing what is right," Halloran begins his speech.

Being right, in this case, involved demonizing all Muslims for 9/11. Halloran then proceeds to align himself with his Irish, Roman Catholic, and cop roots, pandering in the crudest possible way to the audience's fears.

Yeah, this guy's a piece of work, huh.
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