Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ultimate Sandbag Job

A whole bunch of the lefty blogosphere is convinced that the Great GOP Election Plan here is to sucker enough Democrats into passing the UberBailout so that as many Republicans as possible will then have political cover to vote no, and then Republican challengers to the Democrats who voted for the bailout can spend the last month of the campaign running "My opponent voted to give $700 billion of your money away to Wall Street. Fire their ass. Vote GOP, the party of change."

I absolutely agree with this. McSame will be leading the charge on this issue. I can guarantee you that he will vote no on the UberBailout, 100% guarantee as sure as the sun comes up. No question.

And if Obama either skips the vote or votes yes, he loses the election...because frankly if Obama DOES vote yes on this, he'll lose my vote and millions of others as well and deservedly so.

The trick is not to fall into the trap on the first place. Everything is political to the GOP. They do not give a good goddamn about saving the American taxpayer. They DO care about taking the House and Senate back under McSame/Palin and locking this country down under a police state they can use to foment endless conflict in the Great Resource Wars while making the top 1% even richer.

The solution is simple: vote no on Uberbailout. Craft a real solution. The GOP wants the "Bush-Pelosi-Obama Bailout Bill" and they are confident they'll get it.

[UPDATE] Amanda Marcotte weighs in with a pretty damn good piece, offering this advice.
Someone needs to tack a sign in every Democrat’s seat in Congress that says, “Act in haste, repent at leisure”.

I will say that one thing Republicans are definitely good at is politics. I agree with Atrios that the plan is to guilt Democrats into passing this piece of shit and then Republican challengers, including McCain, will run against them saying that they are the guilty parties. But on the other hand, if Democrats stall this, then Republicans will blame them. Either way, we’re screwed, and Republicans have a story about how they’d totally be able to handle things if only the American people would let them have power, as we have for decades.

How much do I love the cojones of Henry Paulson, pouting that the Democrats might attach a populist rider that minimizes the amount of the bailout that goes straight into the pockets of executives, so they can retire as multi-millionaires? We’re so mean, we the people.

Good points all and I'll go further: As Amanda says not only will the Republicans blame the Democrats for not passing the UberBailout (and then turn around and not vote for the the damn thing when it becomes clear the Dems have been steamrolled into passing it) but that the GOP can get away with it because A) the "liberal" media's choosing to not pay attention again on this issue (the transitory nature of the GOP talking points fed to them are in flux, so they don't know how to respond other than inanities) thereby resulting in a de facto pass on the issue and B) Whichever way the GOP tacks on this issue, they will do so as a united front, something the Democrats never seem to be able to do with the Bush Dog Democrats always fucking things up for our side. The GOP has always been much, much better at taking marching orders as a voting bloc, while Nancy and Steny Hoyer always seem to be split on the issues and Harry folds all the goddamn time.

Let's remember that the first folks to propose a "FTC-type agency to buy mortgage debt" in the first place were Barney Frank and Chris Dodd back last Wednesday night and early Thursday. Once those plans got out, the GOP unloaded their financial dictatorship plan to take it to the illogical GOP extremist endpoint, but of course the Dems made the first move, and that's all it takes to be steamrolled. (how's that learning curve going, guys?)

Point is when the shit hits the fan, the GOP often sticks together, while the Dems argue among themselves and the DINOs and ultimately look like idiots. For the most part, Congress has earned that 11% approval rating on a daily basis. Only this time when it happens, we're looking at complete financial devastation AND McSame/Palin in the White House.

It would be nice if they didn't foul this up.

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