Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zandar's Thought Of the Day

SecTreas Henry Paulson was on teevee today, bumrushing all the Village Idiot shows, saying that if we don't get this passed AS IS, THIS WEEK, America is done for.

AS IS of course is a $700 billion check to the Bush Administration with quite literally zero oversight and zero regulation. It's a twelve digit number given to the same people who told us to trust them implicitly on Iraq, Afghanistan, torture, civil liberties, the PATRIOT Act, rule of law, executive privilege and oh yeah, the economy.

So now they want to pass the largest intervention in the free markets in 70 years or so in a matter of a few days, giving them 100% implicit trust that this is absolutely necessary and that they are doing this only because there is no other choice.

So why question is this: Why exactly should we trust the Bush administration on this again? Can anybody honestly give me a single, solid reason why we should trust them with $700 billion with no oversight given their conduct over the last eight years?

If you can, I'll shut this blog down and vote McSame.

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