Thursday, December 31, 2009

Epic Reading Is Fundamental Fail

The problem with Wingnut bloggers is that given only part of a story about Barack Obama, they'd rather make complete fabrications up than actually go looking for the real answers.  They also assume you're just as lazy and stupid.  To whit, Jesse Taylor's takedown this morning:
The new New World Order is afoot!

Barack Obama signed an Executive Order amending one of Ronald Reagan’s executive orders, which rescinded the exclusion INTERPOL would otherwise have from American tax laws.

Short version: INTERPOL employees are no longer liable for American taxes.  That’s about it.
Now, the great part is where the Wingers go with this:
Predictably, the fact that Barack Obama has allowed the World Police to operate within our borders and given them all of West Virginia to use as concentration camps (READ BETWEEN THE LINES, PEOPLE) is setting off alarms among the most vigilant of our civilian security forces.  The Anchoress is worried that this is the beginning of Kristallnacht, and that INTERPOL and ACORN are somehow going to join forces to form the ultimate acronym, CLARINET PORNO.  Confederate Yankee is pretty damn sure that they still have actual Nazis running INTERPOL, and that somehow these tax regulations will allow them to kidnap American soldiers for gay sex in Amsterdam.

The Astute Bloggers believe Barack Obama has empowered INTERPOL to capture George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for war crimes.  Protein Wisdom is pretty sure that Obama plain hates the constitution and was a shitty law professor, which burns most of all.
It doesn't really matter what the truth is to these jagoffs.  They just make it up and then spread it around.  They are not interested in facts, just destroying Obama.  That's all that matters, and the end justifies the means.

Facts are for pussies because you can't prove Obama's not really the Kenyan Usurper Muslim Antichrist who will destroy the country and sell our nubile blonde women to the 12th Imam, can you?

Yeah, take that, facts!  EPIC FAIL!

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