Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rhapsody Acquiring Napster?

CNET reports a rumor that Rhapsody may announce its purchase of Napster as early as this afternoon.  While not confirmed, CNET is not known for reporting fluff, so I will take them at their word.

Rhapsody has made a few changes in the past years to model Napster's popularity.  I don't like either service personally, so I'll keep my Grooveshark, thankyouverymuch.

For those who may be upset at this merger, please check out Grooveshark.  Unlike Pandora, it lets you hand pick your songs, and play them without limitation. Their radio stations are a bit limited, but used in tandem with Pandora you can enjoy the best of both worlds... for free.

Why the hate for Rhapsody?  Years ago, it took me and a fellow geek friend HOURS to remove all their helpful crumbs left all over my hard drive.  I bear one hell of a grudge when it comes to that type of intrusion, and I've never let them near a machine of mine since, despite the fact that at one time they were the only ones who offered the type of music service I wanted.

It broke late Monday that the purchase went through.  Slashdot and CNET will be running updates, as a few different terms and prices have come out.

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