Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Like A Blimp, He's Full Of Hot Air

Ron Paul has decided that the only reason anyone's calling him a racist is that his "policies are winning".  Silly me, and here I thought it was because he was actually a man with a long an obnoxious history of racism.

You refer to disturbances in Washington’s Adams Morgan [neighborhood] as ‘animals taking over the D.C. Zoo,’ referring to African Americans,” Velshi noted. “You said that Martin Luther King seduced underage girls and boys. You talked about Ronald Reagan proclaiming ‘annual hate whitey day’ with Martin Luther King Day. And you advocated prohibiting AIDS patients from eating in restaurants. These things were published under your name.

“Yeah, but I didn’t write them and I disavow them,” Paul insisted.

“But you’re a presidential candidate. That’s tough,” Velshi observed. “It kind of comes back to bite you that you made money off of things that were published under your name that were hateful and racist.”

“Yeah,” Paul agreed. “But this has been addressed for 20 years and nobody accuses me of that type of belief or language. I’m a true civil libertarian, and I think people dig these up when people think that ‘Oh, his economic policies are winning. His foreign policies are winning. His monetary policies are winning.’ So, they have to dig these things up that they really can’t pin on me.”

“But I didn’t write them and those aren’t my beliefs. So, I sleep well,” he added.

“Are you comfortable in telling us who did write them?” Velshi asked.

“I really don’t know,” Paul explained. “Twenty years ago, I had six or eight people helping me with the letter, and I was practicing medicine to tell you the truth. And so, I really do not know.”

“Well, we could find out?” Velshi pressed. “Because you had six or eight people? Like, it was one of those six or eight people?”

“Well, possibly I could,” Paul admitted. “These charges are a total contradiction of everything I’ve said and everything I believe.”

That's quite the copout there.  "It wasn't me writing that racist stuff in my own newsletter with my name on it!"  In all honesty, if Ron Paul can't exercise better judgment in the people working for him than this, how is he supposed to run cabinet departments as Chief Executive of the United States?

Oh wait, he wants to basically eliminate nearly all cabinet departments. Probably because apparently he can't keep racists out of them and writing policy papers in his name.  Seriously, either Paul is a racist himself, or tolerates a long history of having people write horrifically racists things in his publication.  I would argue the latter is worse, unless somebody from the Paul camp wants to explain to me how Ron Paul never read his own newsletter for several years.

It would be one thing if it was an isolated case and Paul immediately fired the individual responsible, printed an apology, and fixed the problem.  He didn't.  It happened time and time again, as Ali Velshi pointed out in that CNN interview above.  Multiple instances, over a long period of time. As recently as May, Paul was saying how America would have been better off without the Civil Rights Act.

What America would be better of without is Ron Friggin' Paul.  Well, unless he runs as a third party libertarian candidate and assures an Obama win.

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