Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So Long, Colonel Potter

LOS ANGELES – Harry Morgan never planned to be an actor, yet he spent 10 years on one of the top TV series of all time, made 50 films and appeared on Broadway. He became one of the best-known character actors in Hollywood.

But it was Morgan's portrayal of the fatherly Col. Sherman Potter on "M-A-S-H" for which Morgan became most famous, and he knew it.

"M-A-S-H was so damned good," Morgan told The Associated Press. "I didn't think they could keep the level so high."

His wry humor, which helped net him an Emmy for the CBS-TV hit, carried onto the show.

"He was an imp," said Mike Farrell, who starred as B.J. Hunnicutt in "M-A-S-H" along with Morgan and Alan Alda. "As Alan once said, there's not an un-adorable bone in the man's body. He was full of fun, and he was smart as a whip."

Morgan died Wednesday at age 96 his Brentwood home after having pneumonia, his daughter-in-law, Beth Morgan, told AP.

I'm probably giving away too much about my age, but I grew up watching M-A-S-H.  Granted, I was little, but Harry Morgan was like an uncle. I grew up with him, and loved his dry wit and sense of fairness as Colonel Potter.  He was remembered for that role, but had so many others (does anyone out there remember the Apple Dumpling Gang?) that were equally memorable, just eclipsed by one of the best runs in television history.

RIP, Colonel.

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