Friday, January 13, 2012

Entertainment Stupidity: The Sick, The Quick & The Dick

The Sick:
Heather Locklear was taken to the hospital after a 911 call.  Her sister reportedly called, and pills and alcohol have been mentioned as the cause.  At this time nothing is absolutely confirmed, but TMZ and People have been updating their sites regularly.  Locklear has had a shaky last several years, most recently having broken off her engagement to former co-star Jack Wagner.

The Quick:
Katy Perry's dad was quick to apologize for a comment he made about Jews, saying he didn't mean to offend anyone.  While preaching (for once not about his daughter) he made the comment that followers could enjoy so many blessings they could make Jews jealous.  "I apologize for for the hurt that I caused my Jewish friends," he said.  Except uh... I don't imagine that he has any.

The Dick:
A man in the front row interrupted the New York Philharmonic when his cell  phone rang.  For minutes.  It rang so long the conductor was concerned it was an alarm and stopped the music.  And the dick didn't even pull it from his pocket to silence it.  A few other people yelled at him, but his caller eventually gave up and the show went on, as it must.  The conductor asked if he was finished, but when the man gave no response whatsoever, he told him they would wait, and put down his baton.  Dick with a capital DICK.

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