Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Milepost On The Road To Oblivion

Steve M. has something of a point on Romney going all in on the winger right:

What this really reminds me of is a moment in a totalitarian regime when then the purges and rehabilitations seem to defy all logic, when the longtime loyalist with a few minor blemishes on his record becomes an unperson, while a former unperson becomes the chief inquisitor just because the regime has developed a new appreciation for his viciousness and willingness to apply the screws. But that's not a reassuring moment in the history of such a regime, is it? 

Or as people keep telling me, Romney could run on a platform of throwing liberals off cliffs, and he'd get 42% of the vote, bare minimum.

Then again, counting Santorum out as President is equally silly:

Over the past several weeks, Republicans have watched squeamishly as presidential contender Rick Santorum has waded into multiple controversies that risk alienating half the 2012 electorate: women.

But in fact, Santorum has grown more popular among women while talking about his opposition to abortion, his disapproval of birth control and his view that the federal government shouldn’t pay for prenatal screenings. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows not only that Santorum is doing better among GOP women than he was a few weeks ago, but also that he is less unpopular — and also less well known — among Democratic and independent women than his Republican rivals Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

Santorum's going after the base.  And if you're still a female Republican voter in 2012, you've already bought the notion that women should submit to men when it comes to sex anyway.  Of course they like him more now.  Candidate Santorum would get 42% of the vote in November, too.  All he has to do is get 9% more and the game's over for a big, huge chunk of America.

Don't take an Obama win for granted against these idiots.  They'll get 50 million votes just for being in the R column.  The Santorum folks are trying to run as Conservative Good Ol' Boy Dubya against Elitist Mitt (and Obama).  And they'll have unlimited millions to sell it.

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