Wednesday, March 28, 2012

12-Year-Old's Probation Revoked

A probation officer has moved to revoke the probation of a 12-year-old St. Johns, Ariz., boy who killed his father four years ago, alleging that the child repeatedly threatened staffers and damaged property at a treatment center in Phoenix.

Christian Romero was 8 when he shot his father, Vincent Romero, and family friend Timothy Romans, with a .22 rifle. As the youngest defendant ever in Arizona, his case became tangled in legal questions about competency to stand trial, and about where he would be placed upon conviction.

After 14 months of negotiations, Christian pleaded guilty to the negligent homicide of his dad and was sentenced to indefinite time in residential care, with probation until age 18.

When he was eight, he ambushed and murdered his father and another man, and due to his actions they are going to make sure he never sees the outside of a mental institution. It's sad to know a man will live a lifetime behind bars for what he did when he was eight, even if I totally understand that he is a danger to others and shouldn't be set free. His case is so rare that unless something impressive is missing, he may be the only child I ever heard of who was so careful... and successful.

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