Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Milepost On The Road To Oblivion

And the odds that we'll get to somebody dropping the ni-CLANG word on President Obama took a really big step forward today, along with bonus misogyny to boot.  They say a picture's worth a thousands words, and judging from the latest Mike Lester political cartoon from the Rome (Ga.) News-Tribune, none of those words are fit to print in a gorram family blog like this one.

Yeah, let that sink in. You've got the African-American President is a 70's pimp angle, the Sandra Fluke is a whore angle, the "evil light-skinned brother" angle, the white girl subservient to the black man angle, a complete misrepresentation of Ms. Fluke's statements to boot and it's all rolled up into one big insulting awful package of pure hatred for black people, women, and human beings with working souls.

 It's actually impressive, in the same way ebola-tipped bullets fired into crowds of baby sloths is impressive: just overwhelmingly, unremittingly awful on multiple levels. Kudos to you, Mr. Lester. You're a deeply nuanced and multi-layered asshole who has clearly mastered the art of the economy of visual vitriol. On a personal note, your awesome little piece of garbage here just won me the "Can we call them racist, misogynist bigots now?" argument in one very convincing little package.

It will not be long now until we descend past 2008's nadir of Obama Waffles and 2010's witch doctor with a bone through the nose and hit actual use of ni-CLANG. It's only March, people. We'll get there by Memorial Day at this rate.

Buckle up.

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