Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dear America:

"This President is awful.  I mean really, really, really awful.  If you vote for him in November, it means you're stupid because you've bought his awful argument that Big Oil, Wall Street and Republicans actually have anything to do with how awful the country is right now, and you're not stupid, are you?"

--Jay Cost, Weekly Standard

Bonus Verbatim Stupid:

If Obama is reelected with such terrible feelings about the national condition, it will be unprecedented in the history of public opinion polling. Obviously, that would be no little feat, so what this president is doing is a classic case of misdirection. 

The country needs a bad guy to blame for its problems, so day in and day out Obama is providing them with a smorgasbord of villains from which to choose: Wall Street, Big Oil, the Tea Party, Paul Ryan, Rush Limbaugh, the Supreme Court, the Catholic Church, and so on. In fact, virtually everything that comes out of this president’s mouth is about redirecting blame onto some straw man.

Super Bonus Complete Takedown, courtesy of BooMan:

He says these are straw men. But, ask yourself, how have these groups been comporting themselves? Do we have any reasons to be critical of Wall Street? Big Oil? The Tea Party? Paul Ryan? The Supreme Court? The Catholic Church? 

It's telling that BooMan can eradicate Cost's 1500 word tirade with a single paragraph.   Most of all, we need better conservatives.  Just because the entire conservative argument is "No, YOU'RE the ones who are destroying the country!" doesn't make it true.

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