Monday, April 2, 2012

Voting With My Feet

As doctors are being given protection to lie to female patients, I have a lot of questions.  I'm not past the initial rage, but I understand that explaining the lack of logic in allowing doctors to actively lie isn't going to help.  These guys don't care about logic, only about control and power.

So what can we do when logic fails?  I'm afraid action is going to be necessary, if we can find ways to work around the stupidity that is slowly strangling women's medical rights.

First, if they are really going to allow this degradation to continue, women deserve to know which doctors are participating in this protection.  Why?  Because it will give doctors a huge competitive edge if they see the benefit of showing patients where their ethics truly lie.  If they aren't willing to attach their name to those morals, it kind of makes you wonder how strong those beliefs are, am I right?  So let's see some legislation forcing doctors to identify whether they believe in full disclosure or the protected right to lie.

When a business disappoints us, we boycott.  Doctors are businessmen at the end, without patients there is no income.  Perhaps we should do the same to doctors who would lie to a woman about her chances of surviving pregnancy.  Maybe we should encourage employees to boycott insurance that would deprive women the same coverage as men.  We should definitely show our scorn at the polls.  Believe me, as the time comes around, we will be reminding voters who served their citizens and who sold them out.

Just like any consumer, I'm going to vote with my feet, and I encourage you to do the same.  And while you're using those feet, please do your part in speaking the hell up before this gets any worse.

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