Saturday, June 30, 2012

Power Plays In Ohio

If you recall back in March of this year, Ohio GOP Gov. John Kasich had to be browbeaten into seeking federal emergency disaster aid when tornadoes touched down across the area, saying he was "thrilled that the state didn't need federal aid."  That lasted all of 48 hours before the public outcry across the country forced him into reversal.

Of course, when powerful storms and a record heat wave knock out power to tens of thousands in John Boehner's district north of Cincy, Kasich wastes zero time in applying for aid.

Gov. John Kasich declared a state of emergency this morning in Ohio after severe storms swept across the state, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands and causing at least one death.

Kasich cited widespread power losses, utility damages and excessive heat that could create crisis conditions for some Ohioans.

Meanwhile, Duke Energy said outages remaining from Friday’s storms could last several days. The utility has called in extra crews from Progress Energy and Alabama Power to help restore power.
This afternoon, there were still 67,959 outages, according to Duke Energy’s website. Hamilton County, with 24,457 outages, remains among the hardest hit areas in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Clermont County is next, with 14,370 users without power, and Warren and Butler counties also were among the hardest hit areas.

Butler County is the heart of Boehner country.  Of course Kasich was going to immediately apply for aid.  We're all Soshulists now.

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