Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mandate Mania

Here's the truth about the insurance mandate folks.  If the entire ACA was in effect in 2011 (including the mandate), the percentage of Americans who would actually have faced the mandate penalty because

  • they were uninsured,
  • affordable insurance was available in their state,
  • they had too much income to qualify for subsidies,
  • they were under 65 and didn't qualify for Medicare,

...then the grand total of the percentage of Americans who would have to get insurance or face the mandate with no assistance from the government?

Two percent.

A recent study by the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan research center that focuses on economic and social policy, found that if the law had been fully implemented last year, 93 percent of the population under age 65 wouldn’t have faced a penalty or had to buy insurance under the mandate.

In fact, only 6 percent of Americans, about 18 million people, would have to “newly purchase” insurance under the law, the study found. And of this group, roughly 11 million would be eligible for subsidies to help buy their coverage from new insurance marketplaces, or “exchanges,” created by the law.

The remaining 7 million, about 2 percent of the total population and 3 percent of all Americans under age 65, wouldn’t receive any financial help and could face penalties for lacking coverage, said Linda Blumberg, a health economist and senior fellow in the Urban Institute’s Health Policy Center.

This relatively thin sliver of Americans who’d be required to pay for full coverage belies the dominant public perception that the mandate would be a financial strain for wide swaths of the population.

“That was one of the reasons we wanted to do this study, because we felt like the real impact was being blow out of proportion,” said Blumberg, who was the lead researcher on the study.

Email that to everyone you know, folks.  93% of Americans would have been exempt, another 2% would have qualified for Medicaid, another 3% would have gotten subsidies to pay for insurance. This is a good bill, folks.  There are way too many lies out there about it.

This is the truth.  Share it.

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