Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Take On The Penn State News

Zandar has done a fine job of covering the Penn State smackdown that will echo for decades.  I just had a couple of things I wanted to say after watching it live.

First, I am impressed at the repeated references to cultural change.  To make things right and work against it ever happening again, cultural change must occur.  From athletic directors to administration, not only must healthy fear of sanctions influence the rules, but an understanding and commitment to choosing right over wrong.  Competition is important, winning is what the game is about.  However, schools are about more than games, they must protect their students.  Changing from a "winning at all costs"mentality must occur.

Also, in the many recaps I have not heard anyone touch on the statement that individuals could face additional sanctions pending the results of a criminal investigation.  I wonder who, what, and what prompted that statement that we may not know (yet).  That was the sole mention and I've been listening all day.  Anyone want to chip in on this?

There is a lot of debate about the severe punishment.  I say good for them, it had to be so.  Anything less would be permission or seen as backhanded acceptance.  Universities have been sent a very clear message.  There is no way to allow conduct like this and come out ahead.  There's no amount of profit or success that can't be reversed if covering up something so heinous.  The statement had to be made so that there was no possible acceptable outcome except doing it right.

It's not perfect, nothing ever is.  But they did okay, I think, and focused on changing the problem from the roots up.  There will be plenty of people watching to make sure they hold up their end.

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