Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Mask Slips Again...

...and Republicans accidentally tell the truth.  This time it's House majority leader Eric Cantor on the GOP's orchestrated campaign to destroy the economy through obstruction of government remedies and blame President Obama:

It’s an article of faith amongst Republicans that government can’t create jobs, and that cutting government spending will lead to job growth. Republicans even pushed the nation to the brink of a debt default in order to secure cuts in federal spending in 2010.

But with the consequences of that debt ceiling deal due to hit in January — at which point the so-called “sequester” will cut into both military and non-defense discretionary spending — House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) is seemingly having a change of heart. On Thursday he tweeted that the sequester would hurt federal spending in key areas, and thus kill jobs:


Well gosh, Eric.  You mean government spending cuts destroy jobs?  But what happened to "government spending cuts free up capital for jobs to be created in the private sector?"

Not if those cuts are at the Pentagon, apparently.  So government spending cuts are bad for jobs?  Who knew?

Eric Cantor does, apparently.

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