Sunday, October 14, 2012

Soda Industry Fizzes Over And Sues

Soft-drink makers, restaurateurs and other businesses are suing to block New York City's move to end the sale of super-sized, sugary drinks in many eateries.
The American Beverage Association and others sued the city Friday. City officials had no immediate response.
The lawsuit says the unelected health board shouldn't be telling people how much soda to drink. The suit also says the rule "burdens consumers and unfairly harms small businesses."
Soda is unhealthy in large amounts.  However, no one drink or series of drinks is responsible for the decline of our health.  It is a long-term issue in which we strain our kidneys and heart and ultimately pay the price.

Restricting soft drinks makes sense, when done from a personal perspective.  It is not government's duty to regulate legal products that are harmless when the consumer is using their brain.  Restricting the size not only doesn't accomplish the goal of people drinking less, it also fails to address the core issue of making healthy choices.

I find the timing of this interesting.  I hate water, but have not allowed myself to have a soda or coffee until I drink an eight ounce serving of water.  Not only has this reduced my caffeine and soda intake, it has drastically increased my water intake.  I have never felt so great.  I understand what New York City is trying to do.  They're just doing it the wrong way, abusing their authority and overstepping their boundaries.

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