Saturday, November 3, 2012

Furlong's Furlough

Edward Furlong is officially unemployed after his domestic violence arrest at LAX Tuesday morning -- because TMZ has learned, producers have dropped Furlong's ass from his new film.
Furlong was scheduled to catch a flight to Detroit before the arrest -- where filming for his new movie "Misled" was supposed to begin last Thursday -- but the guy got busted instead ... after allegedly getting physical with his girlfriend during an argument.
Furlong obviously missed his flight as a result, and according to a producer for his new movie, he also missed important rehearsals and wardrobe prep as well.
Details are scarce.  Some say it was a single slap, some say it was a beatdown.  The poor woman deserves privacy, and I hope it's respected.  Furlong is a troubled man who just can't seem to get ahead because of preventable stupidity like this.  It's the same for many people out there, who know better and just can't quite do better.

All around it's just sad.  Maybe he can get help before the next round.

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