Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Murderer "Female James Bond"

An aspiring model murdered in her Santa Monica apartment in 2008 was allegedly killed by a hired "muscle" contracted by her father's former business partner, according to recently released court documents. 

Prosecutors charge that Juliana Redding was strangled by Kelly Soo Park, 47, who "has a history of threatening and intimidating individuals who have an ongoing dispute with" Dr. Munir Uwaydah, a Southern California doctor and businessman. 

Park was arrested in 2010 for the murder and, now free on $3.5 million bail, is awaiting trial early next year for the killing. Park was allegedly employed by Uwaydah as an enforcer on two other occasions, according to court papers. 
It still doesn't tell why, just how.  It's hard to imagine what this girl did to bring the wrath of such shady folks, even her father's involvement doesn't seem worth the time.  I doubt the trial reveals much, except more compliments on the "female James Bond" who killed a model.

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