Monday, March 11, 2013

Last Call

I know that eight years of a Gore-Lieberman presidency from 2000-2008 would have been infinitely preferable to Bush-Cheney or even Kerry-Edwards, but what would have happened in 2008 then?  Would Barack Obama have been in the picture?  Would it have been Clinton, Obama, and Lieberman, or would everyone have stepped aside for him?  Would that have put McCain in the White House, or Romney?  Would we have ended up in Iraq anyway, even if Gore had stopped 9/11?

I ask because of this:

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) is joining the American Enterprise Institute, the conservative think tank announced Monday.

Lieberman will serve as co-chairman of the American Internationalism Project, alongside former Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.).

"The American Internationalism Project, under the leadership of Sen. Lieberman and Sen. Jon Kyl, is critical to opening a discussion about the challenges facing America in the coming decades — and strategizing about how to meet them," AEI president Arthur C. Brooks said in a statement.

Lieberman, who opted in 2012 not to run for reelection, said there is currently an "urgent need to rebuild bipartisan — indeed non-political — consensus for American diplomatic, economic, and military leadership in the world."

To put this bluntly, the Democratic veep candidate in 2000 is joining the largest conservative think tank in America in 2013.  There would have been problems with Lieberman too, folks.  Yes, they wouldn't have been anywhere near as bad as the first four years of Dubya (or, well, the second four years) but down the road we would of had a Republican President now:  McCain, Romney, Lieberman, or some combination.
Also, excuse to use the Joe F'ckin Lieberman tag, who now automatically receives Wingnut Stupidity in all future posts.

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