Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last Call For The Nadering Nabobs Of Negativity

Ralph Nader can't quit trying to win it for the GOP.

“I’m going to find at least ten enlightened billionaires or multibillionaires and I’m going to have a criteria. Have they spoken out about where they think the country is going? And are they worried about it? And have they done things reflecting some sort of civic enlightenment and courage? And are they able to communicate? Obviously, they have the money. And I’m going to encourage them to run.”

His target is to make sure Hillary doesn't get into the White House.

“We really need a dynasty now? We’ve had twelve years of the Bushes, what — do you want eight more years of the Clintons? Do we really want a redux here or do we want fresh energy and refresh redirection?” Of his specific criticisms of Clinton, Nader says the former Secretary of State “never saw a weapons system she didn’t like, never challenged the Pentagon when she was on the Senate Armed Services Committee.”

Nader would like to see Sen. Barbara Boxer run, but assumes “she’s not willing to take the next step.”

“They’re all deferring to Hillary and, let me tell you, anyone who thinks Hillary will have cakewalk three and a half years from the next presidential election better look back at 2008 and see if that was a cakewalk. She’s going to have competitors.”

Barbara Boxer?  Sure, she's pretty anti-Pentagon, but there needs to be more.  Which is why Nader keeps screwing things up.  He ran against Al Gore and we got Dubya as a result, remember?  And he sure prevented useless, bloody, expensive wars, didn't he?

Nope.  I'll never forgive the guy for Florida 2000.  Ever.  Show yourself out, Ralph.  Don't come back.


RepubAnon said...

Good old Ralph Nader - the guy whose 2000 political campaign gave us W, and thus the Roberts Court, the Iraq War, and so much more.

If he cares about anything other than his own ego, I'm not seeing any evidence of it.

Theophrastus Bombastus said...

Thanks a lot, Ralph. We weren't using all those dead soldiers, nor those trillions of dollars neither.

teadoust said...

yeah, blame nader for florida. that makes a lot of sense. never the couple thousand people who weren't allowed to vote because their skin was the wrong color thanks to the jeb bush/katherine harris scrub lists.

Zandar said...

Actually, I blame the 97,000 people who voted for Nader in Florida, allowing Bush to win it and the state by 537 votes. So you're right. I don't blame Nader. I blame the fucktards who voted for him.

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