Sunday, October 13, 2013

Last Call For The Stars And Bars

So the protest over the WWII Memorial at the national Mall, closed by the GOP shutdown, turned into the small crowd moving to the White House to protest.  That produced this image:

The message a Confederate flag at a White House protest where the first African-American president resides is unmistakable if you grew up even moderately familiar with the civil rights movement.

Right-wing bloggers of course believe the man in the red shirt there must be a "liberal plant".  If that's the case, why is nobody trying to stop this guy?

Think really long and hard about that as we head into this week with a debt default only about 100 hours away or so, and what kind of true, lasting damage such a default would cause to America, our economy, and our standing in the world, damage which the GOP would lay at Obama's feet after dousing the place in gasoline and throwing a lit match over their shoulder.

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tominwv said...

The flag pictured is the battle flag with the St Andrew's cross. The Stars and Bars flag looks like the US flag but with three large stripes (bars), a blue canton with eleven (usually, it varied) stars. Both are reprehensible.

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