Wednesday, January 1, 2014

An Israel/Palestine Reality Czech

Meanwhile, in Prague, a real spy thriller is shaping up.

The Palestinian ambassador to Prague was killed in an explosion at his residence on Wednesday that Czech authorities believe was probably an accident. 
The Palestinian Foreign Ministry said ambassador Jamal al-Jamal had been trying to open a safe that was recently moved to his new home and a Czech government source told Reuters that the explosion was probably caused by a security device on the unit. 
It was unclear what that was. Some safes can be fitted with mechanisms designed to destroy secret documents in the event of the lock being tampered with. The Czech source said the government did not believe it was a terrorist attack. 
Czech police said the ambassador died of his injuries in hospital after the explosion on the morning of New Year's Day in the two-storey suburban residence. No one else was injured, police said, although Jamal's family was at home at the time. 
No signs of damage to the house was visible from the street. 
"There has been a detonation of a so far unidentified explosive mixture," police spokeswoman Andrea Zoulova said. "The ambassador was ... taken to hospital with serious injuries."

A safe with a serious failsafe just happens to go off killing the ambassador?  Something about that doesn't make sense.  Sure, it's a great way to destroy sensitive documents, but also a great way to, you know, kill an ambassador.

There's more to it than a mere fatal accident, especially when the Palestinians are involved.  Because wherever there's Palestinian ambassadors, there's Israel...and they play for keeps.  Not saying Israel had a hand in this, but they're probably not losing any sleep over this accident, either.

Not a wink.

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tomstickler said...

Darrell Issa should schedule hearings on this.

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