Monday, January 13, 2014

The Villagers' Role In The Boss Fantasy

Expanding more on my last post, the entire GOP fantasy involving Chris Christie centers around the fact his dishonest and mean behavior as Governor of New Jersey made him "authentic" and "a strong leader".  Now that the wheels are coming off the Christie bandwagon, we get pieces like this from WIN THE MORNING Magazine: "15 Chris Christie Controversies You Missed"

Democrats in New Jersey have been celebrating what you might call Chris Christiemas this week. When documents were released strongly suggesting that senior members of Governor Christie’s staff were behind the George Washington Bridge lane closures in Fort Lee, the Gov’s ideological opponents breathed a sigh of relief. Christie’s unrivaled political skill and, as Matt Katz outlined here in November, ability to drive a narrative of his choosing, have meant that until now, The Story of Chris Christie As Told By The National Media is one that Christie has largely written himself. As one New Jersey Democratic strategist told me, “the press had basically inaugurated him already.” But Christie’s political career has been riddled with controversies big and small, most of which have been paid little attention by those outside the Garden State. And while perhaps none of these kerfuffles placed anyone in imminent danger quite like Bridgegate did, at least a few of them might have spelled the end of another, less media savvy politician’s career.

And yet Politico was one of those very "national media" outlets that the Democrats in New Jersey are rightfully complaining about, pretending they had no idea why anyone would find fault in the Villagers' love of the man.

Their mendacious lack of awareness (bordering on being a three-year-old with chocolate stains on his face who is asked what happened to the chocolate chip cookies on the table, responds "I don't know!") is equaled only by the mendacity of the same level in the Christie camp's response to the bridge scandal.

Keep in mind Christie never had a chance in 2016, anyway.  There's a reason why Romney passed him over.

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