Friday, February 14, 2014

Love And Marriage

How appropriate that on Valentine's Day, I get to write about love.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Gov. Jay Nixon said Thursday that he supports ending Missouri’s same-sex marriage ban and thinks voters should have a chance to repeal an amendment to the state constitution that defines marriage as between a man and a woman.
In 2004, Missouri became the first state to enact a constitutional prohibition on gay weddings after the Massachusetts high court permitted gay marriage there. The measure was approved by 70 percent of the state’s voters.
This was a stupid and unnecessary thing, and it's time to fix it.  It was an overreaction.  The reality is, the state has no place in the personal lives of its citizens.  Citizens have no place in the personal lives of other citizens.  This was a gross overstep of government, and it's time to allow adults to enter a legal union with whomever they choose.  Our government's job is to serve the citizens, not pass moral judgments about which people deserve the service.  Period.

Jay Nixon and I don't always see eye to eye, but on this issue we agree.  This may come right after the ACLU applies some pressure, but Nixon has been clear about his views and has gone on record.  At times his delivery was a little lackluster, but he eventually got around to the right side of things.  Scoring major points from me, he admits he has revisited the issue and has adapted to fit what he knew was right.  His actions mirror his words.  The man is telling the truth.  It's important to take victories however they may come, and this is a major one.  This entire business was a cheap shot when it went in, and there is no legal justification for it whatsoever.  Jay Nixon surely sees a great chance to score points in the face of inevitable change, but I also give credit that he has actually done something while plenty of others stand by and remain silent.  He is upgraded from a C to a B in my book, and when it comes to Missouri and LGBT issues that's as good as it gets.

Someday, same sex marriage will be legal everywhere.  In the end our grandchildren will likely never know that it was probably because of the IRS that same sex marriage got the push it needed to become recognized in all states.  I find that hilarious.  It is by no means the only factor but it deserves an honorable mention in the collapse of stupidity.

Jay Nixon thinks the voters deserve another crack at doing the right thing.  I hope it works, and despite the fact that it won't matter in the long run I hope my home state can get on the right side of history.  This change is inevitable, and oh so rightfully it will come.  People can do the right thing here and usher in the change or they can make it as painful as possible.  Here's hoping for the former and bracing for the latter.

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