Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Ghost Of Losers Past

Guess which former presidential candidate thinks America needs a Rand Paul versus Elizabeth Warren race in 2016 that could potentially unite the left and right towards a new era of libertarian utopia and that President Obama needs to be impeached immediately?

That’s the premise of the new book “Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State” by longtime political activist and five-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader, who contends that such a left-right alliance is not just the stuff of imagination but is actually emerging.

“On Capitol Hill, I'm seeing more and more in Congress, left and right,” Nader told “The Fine Print.” “It was a vote in the House over a year ago over the NSA snooping, it almost broke through … so we're beginning to see formulations that once they click together, they're unstoppable.”
Oh goody.  And Rand Paul?

But Nader qualified that the success of his envisioned left-right alliance is dependent on strong leaders. He said Sen. Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, has the potential to be a leader for the alliance, but added that he thinks the Kentucky Republican has certain shortcomings as a leader.

“He’s a mixed bag, you know, he's evolving. He's broadening his issues that he's talking about and they’re beginning to resonate,” Nader said. “On the other hand … he has problems dealing with people.”

Paul’s “problems” aside, Nader predicted that he will be “the one to beat” in 2016 in a Republican contest that is also likely to also include Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. He also made it clear what he does not want to see in 2016: A Jeb Bush - Hillary Clinton matchup.

In fact he says he will actively try to sabotage Hillary Clinton in 2016, and wants President Obama impeached immediately.

When it comes to the current president, Nader said that Obama has violated the Constitution on several occasions and should be impeached.

"Oh, most definitely," Nader said when asked if Congress should bring forward articles of impeachment against Obama. "The reason why Congress doesn't want to do it is because it's advocated its own responsibility under the Constitution."

Nader said the president's use of military force in Libya has been his most "egregious violation of the Constitution."

So, you ready for President Rand Paul?  Ralph Nader is.  And the last time he meddled we got Dubya instead of Al Gore.  How'd that work out for you 14 years later?


Scopedog said...

Jesus. Nader's truly gone over the deep end. Then again, the writing was on the wall in 2000, and yet....he just strides on, either unaware or uncaring of the massive damage that he contributed to with his "not a dime's worth of difference" foolishness back in 2000.

And to think that he prefers Senator Paul--a man who rejects the 1964 Civil Rights Law--over President Obama, who has done more for this country than many of his predecessors--says a lot about Nader's thinking.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Some of us will never, ever, forgive Saint Ralph for running that disastrous spoiler campaign in 2000 that threw the election to the criminal Bush. Ralph could cure cancer and we would kick him in the nads until he puked blood while berating him for enabling the two and a half trillion dollar disaster in the desert that prevents us from curing cancer, stopping AIDS, and having America on a sound renewable energy footing by 2012.

But Ralph is not out there curing cancer, no more than he is making positive steps to atone for his many sins. Rather he wanders brooding over his failed schemes while spinning ever more elaborate fantasies for us to scorn with bitter laughter.

And his acolytes get all pissy when one suggests that, maybe, throwing elections to the criminal Republican Party as it is presently constituted - unlike the fantasy GOP that lives over the rainbow - does not exactly advance the leftist project.

So do your worst, Mister Nader and your flying monkey purity troll army: this time we have plenty of warning, and it won't be so easy to knife us in the back. By the same token, when the battle is over and the victory is won do not be surprised when we have little enthusiasm for sharing the spoils of victory with shirkers and saboteurs. We will remember who was down in the trenches when the battle was harsh, and who was hanging back to puff up his overwrought sense of righteousness.

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