Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Your Stopped Clock Is Right Twice A Day Alert

Glenn Beck is still an awful, divisive, serial liar and scumbag and is a terrible person, but for some screwball reason he admitted that us liberals were right about Iraq on his radio show yesterday.  Mediaite covers the story:

From the beginning, most people on the left were against going into Iraq. I wasn’t. At the time I believed that the United States was under threat from Saddam Hussein. I really truly believed that Saddam Hussein was funding terrorists. We knew that. He was funding the terrorists in Hamas. We knew that he was giving money. We could track that. We knew he hated us. We knew that without a shadow of a doubt. It wasn’t much or a stretch to believe that he would fund a terror strike against us, especially since he would say that. So I took him at his word.

[...] Now, in spite of the things I felt at the time when we went into war, liberals said: We shouldn’t get involved. We shouldn’t nation-build. And there was no indication the people of Iraq had the will to be free. I thought that was insulting at the time. Everybody wants to be free. They said we couldn’t force freedom on people. Let me lead with my mistakes. You are right. Liberals, you were right. We shouldn’t have.

Well thanks Glenn.  That and 50 cents will get you two quarters and my eternal hatred for what you've done to this country with the megaphone you inexplicably still have.

“I have more of a chance of hacking off my loyal listeners and audience by saying this,” he conceded, “but so be it: Not one more life. Not one more life. Not one more dollar, not one more airplane, not one more bullet, not one more Marine, not one more arm or leg or eye. Not one more.”

Oh, so now suddenly Beck is maneuvering to attack Obama from the left on this issue.  Well, there's always money in that particular banana stand.

For his conclusion, Beck said that Republicans need to listen to their non-interventionist instincts before “politicizing” Iraq and supporting another military action simply because of politics — i.e., because the president is a Democrat. “This has to become about the principles because in the principles we all agree,” he ended. “Enough is enough. Bring them home, period.”

In other words, he's pulling a Rand Paul, with even less credibility to try to do so.  Sure, OK.  Let's not fall for this bullcrap, shall we

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