Wednesday, July 2, 2014

GOP Minority Outreach In Mississippi Continues

So in the last 48 hours we've gone from mildly racist accusations that GOP Sen. Thad Cochran won last week's Mississippi Senate primary runoff against state Sen. Chris McDaniel by promising to get free government stuff for us awful, lazy black people to definitely more racist accusations that Cochran actually bought us awful, lazy black people to vote for him at the low, low price of $15 a piece.

The claim is centered on a report by blogger Charles C. Johnson, who reported at his website that African-American activist Stevie Fielder brought "hundreds or even thousands" of African-Americans to vote for Cochran. Johnson alleges that Fielder motivated the voters by calling McDaniel a racist. Johnson identifies Fielder as a pastor at the First Missionary Baptist Church in Meridian, Mississippi, located in Lauderdale County, but a deacon at the church told the Clarion-Ledger that Fielder is not a pastor there and is instead a "self-proclaimed minister."

Some blogger reports some guy said this happened, so of course it's 100% truth now and the only possible explanation for how McDaniel lost a race he should have won by 47 billion points because FREEDOM.

McDaniel supporters, since he lost the runoff, have accused Cochran of engaging in foul play to win the election by seeking out African-American and Democratic support. Laura Van Overschelde, a member of the Central Mississippi Tea Party, a group that strongly supports McDaniel, echoed Johnson's report on her Facebook.

"You lame stream media, Thad bought this election paying black voters harvested by black pastors at $15 a vote," Van Overschelde wrote. "Do your investigative reporting before you start spouting off printing false narratives."

See,  it's truth now, and the "false narrative" is that McDaniel somehow lost.  It's hysterical how racist and stupid these clowns are.  Of course it's all the fault of them dirty (insert racist expletive here.)  And you'd better believe that these assholes now believe it's their godly, Christian duty to punish as many black people as possible.

It's still 1964 in Mississippi, and about as deadly.

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