Friday, September 26, 2014



mellowjohn said...

irrc, the legislation that's ruining the postal service – requiring them to fully fund the retirement of employees 75 years in the future – was pushed thru in a lame-duck session after the Rs lost control of the congress in 2006.
so, yes indeedy. sit the hell down and shut the hell up!

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Groan, not this crap again. The big example is how the goopers lost big in the 1998 midterm elections after running on IMPEACH THE LYING BLOWJOB PRESIDENT so they had to ram the impeachment through a lame duck Congress while they still had the votes in the House. Of course the Senate voted to acquit, so all they really did was prove in open court that the president was not guilty - not that they felt in any way chastened or gave up on their relentless smear campaign.

Not that I want Team D to become evil like their counterparts across the aisle, but sometimes it does actually feel like the good guys never learned or can't be bothered to work the political game with any degree of savvy. Looking at how far the Republicans have managed to get with nothing but savagery and the occasional bit of red meat for the base, you would think that the Democrats might use the odd bit of political kneecapping to leverage their sound policy a permanent left wind dominance.

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