Monday, October 20, 2014

Another Milepost On The Road To Oblivion

Team WIN THE MORNING on how we got into this mess:

The Republican Party continue to trail heavily among young and nonwhite voters, losing Hispanics by 25 points, African-Americans by 74 points, women by 5 points and every age group of voters under 65. 
But the GOP maintains important leads among whites (12 points), voters over 65 (12 points) and men (4 points) — advantages that are likely to prove decisive on a midterm electoral map tilted toward less diverse and more conservative states in the South and Mountain West.

Old, scared white people vote during midterms.  The rest of us don't.  If that remains true like it did in 2010, then the GOP will take the Senate and gain even more seats in the House.

It really is that simple.  If the FOX News crowd votes, and the rest of us sit on our asses and bitch about Obama, then the GOP wins.

Go vote.


Horace Boothroyd III said...

If the FOX News crowd votes, and the rest of us sit on our asses and bitch about Obama, then the GOP wins.

That is exactly what I am afraid of. Nobody knows how much power the purity trolls have to win an election, and we are not likely to find out any time soon, but we may well get a precise reading on how much power they have to sabotage an election and thus how big a slice of the electoral pie we may have to go hunt somewhere else.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Getting to fifty is not enough. While Biden would then cast the deciding vote, just like Cheney did for the Bush Tax Holiday, we first would have to get over the hurdle of defections: independent King and Democrat Manchin have both made noises about caucusing with Republicans, presumably for a price, so we can expect a great deal of cynical haggling behind the scenes in the run up to January and the new term.

drspittle said...

I voted last week in Ohio. Horace, I don't think the purity trolls are as much of a problem as the poison the Mainstream Media has spread and how that has affected low information voters who are not bat crap crazy partisans. The "Both Sides" lies result in those people thinking voting is a waste of time because it doesn't matter who is elected. I know. My daughter is one of those people.

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