Friday, October 17, 2014

Doctor, Doctor, Can't You See You're Lying, Lying

And once again GOP Sen. Rand Paul proves to be a massive embarrassment for Kentucky, the US Senate, and America with his flat out lies about Ebola to CNN.

Sen. Rand Paul said Ebola is "not like AIDS," offering what he says is a stark contrast from the White House's message on the disease. 
"[The Obama administration] has downplayed how transmissible it is," Paul said in an interview with CNN on Thursday morning. "They say it's the exchange of bodily of fluids. Which makes people think, 'Oh, it's like AIDS. It's very difficult to catch.'" 
"If someone has Ebola at a cocktail party they're contagious and you can catch it from them," Paul continued. "[The administration] should be honest about that."

Except being exposed to bodily fluids is exactly how Ebola spreads.  Just standing near a person at a cocktail party doesn't spread Ebola and Rand Paul knows this, but his obnoxious hair-splitting is actually dangerous and stupid fearmongering.

"They say all it takes is direct contact to get this," he said. "If you listen carefully, they say being three feet from someone is direct contact. That's not what most Americans think is direct contact. 
"You start to wonder about a basic level of competence," he said.

Yes, it makes me question your competence, Senator.  You represent me, ostensibly.  And you should know better.

How Ebola spreads:

Are we clear?  Unless that person at the cocktail party is ill and bleeding and vomiting on you, or you're sharing a used needle with them, you're not getting Ebola.

Now stop lying to the American people, you ass, because that's what you're doing here.

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