Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Last Call For More GOP Coup-Coup Birds

She looked up furtively and said "I'm not saying that I want anything bad to happen, but why doesn't our military just, you know, do something about That One(tm)?" she asked with a nervous chuckle.

A Missouri Republican official asked why the American military hasn’t launched a coup against President Obama, whom she called a “domestic enemy.” 
Debbie Dunnegan, the Republican recorder of deeds for Jefferson County, 
Missouri,posed the question in a Facebook post last week. The liberal blog Progress Missouri flagged Dunnegan’s post, in which she argued that “the constitution gives [the military] the authority” to take out Obama. 
“I have a question for all my friends who have served or are currently serving in our military … having not put on a uniform nor taken any type military oath, there has to be something that I am just not aware of,” Dunnegan wrote. “But I cannot and do not understand why no action is being taken against our domestic enemy. I know he is supposedly the commander in chief, but the constitution gives you the authority. What am I missing? Thank you for your bravery and may God keep you safe.” 
Dunnegan denied having any “ill intent” in an interview with St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

What are you missing, Debbie?  Working knowledge of basic civics, a conscience that tells you to keep such idiocy to yourself, and any semblance of  morality.

But I'm sure Republicans will want to work with someone they consider to be a "domestic enemy" after the midterms should they retake the Senate. Republicans are perfectly reasonable, you know.

Jesus wept.

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