Thursday, October 16, 2014

Last Call For Redefining Down A Crisis

Please tell me once again how our liberal media is in the tank for President Obama, and that there's no evidence that he's being treated unfairly.

The Ebola crisis in the United States has become an anchor threatening to sink the Obama presidency
Already under fire from critics who saw the federal response to the outbreak as disorganized and timid, things went from bad to worse on Wednesday, when it was revealed a second nurse had contracted the disease while treating a Liberian man at a Dallas-area hospital.

More alarmingly, the diagnosis was made just hours after the nurse, 29-year-old Amber Vinson, had flown from Cleveland to Dallas on a commercial airliner, despite reporting to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that she had a fever.

That Vinson was allowed to travel at all — along with continued questions about why federal procedures for Ebola treatment appear not to have been implemented in Dallas — have prompted serious questions about the administration’s handling of the disease less than three weeks before the midterm elections.

Democrats are expected to lose significant ground in those contests, in no small part due to public dissatisfaction with Obama and resilient questions about the president’s competency.

FOX News?  World Net Daily?  NewsMax?  Nope, this is from The Hill's White House correspondent, Justin Sink.  He has the White House on the verge of collapse, assuring readers that it will cost Democrats in the midterms, and that it will be Obama's fault when it does.

The actions of a for-profit hospital in Dallas that admitted it wasn't prepared to safely handle an Ebola patient is now Barack Obama's personal fault.  We've gotten to the point where the news media is now reporting on its own fearmongering for ratings and that Americans are panicking over international travel now and apparenly unable to destroy his presidency so far, the media has found the method to do so.

Republicans are demanding that the White House take steps to make the issue worse by imposing a travel ban on Ebola-stricken West African countries that will do nothing to resolve the issue and calling for the resignation of CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden, which will definitely not do anything to resolve the issue.

The ridiculous panic escalation is completely political, and the GOP and news media are riding it all the way to a GOP Congress in November.  But nobody seems willing to admit all this idiocy is taking place because of an election around the corner.

I can't wait to see the news stories on "Ebola: is your polling place safe?"


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drspittle said...

So the Rethugs who scream that Obummer is a tyrannical islamofascist/commie/jackbooted thug who is taking away our gunz and freedumz is to blame because he hasn't taken charge? Also, too, the ineffective gubmint that needs to be drowned in a bathtub and starved should now take charge? And who is to blame for these exercises in cognitive dissident rodent procreation? Thanks, Obama.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

I find myself begrudging impressed that the very same people who are blocking the appointment of the nominee for Surgeon General, head and coordinator of the government's public health apparatus, are at the same time howling for Obama to appoint an Ebola Czar to coordinate the government's public health apparatus in its response to the outbreak - while dumping all of the blame and all of the hysteria at Obama's feet. That is some damned effective political baseballing, and I just wish that Team Goodguys could play the game half as well.

drspittle said...

I agree, but I fear the Mainslimers are so in the tank with GOP it wouldn't matter what the Demos did.

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