Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Last Call For The Service's Dirty Secret, Con't

US Secret Service Director Julia Pierson is out.  There was just no way she was going to keep her job after the fence jumper incident.  And then the White House shooter incident 3 years ago.  And then lying about how far the fence jumper got into the White House.  And then the armed contractor getting into an elevator with President Obama.

Julia Pierson, the first female director of the Secret Service, resigned her post Wednesday after a fence jumper gained access to the White House on Sept. 19 and a subsequent congressional inquiry uncovered other security lapses. 
Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson announced the resignation in a statement. He also announced that the DHS would take over an internal inquiry of the Secret Service and that he would appoint of a new panel to review security at the White House. 
Joseph Clancy, formerly a special agent in charge of the Presidential Protective Division of the Secret Service, was named Interim Director, Johnson said in his statement. 
Calls for Pierson to leave her post grew after a poor performance during her testimony on Capitol Hill and another bombshell revelation that the an armed contractor was allowed to get into an elevator with the president during a recent trip to the Centers for Disease Control.

Her head had to roll.  I almost feel like the incredibly lax security around the President may have been done on purpose.

The review of the Secret Service needs to be thorough and complete.  Significant new security measures need to be in place.  The next person that tries to physically harm President Obama or his successor needs to be the absolute last, and this person needs to be subdued in such a way that nobody ever even considers testing the USSS again in my lifetime.


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