Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Service's Dirty Secret, Con't

As the Indianapolis Star reminds us, the reason why the recent stories on the US Secret Services many failures are so frustrating is that President Obama regularly faces more threats than any US President in history, and by a significant amount.  This was evident in the President's visit to Evansville, Indiana last week.

President Barack Obama faced threats against his life during a recent visit to Southern Indiana, police have confirmed. 
While verbal or written threats against the president occur with some frequency, a threat preceding Obama’s visit to the Evansville area apparently was considered serious enough to prompt an increased Secret Service presence. 
“We had received information throughout the week (preceding the Oct. 3 visit),” said Indiana State Police Sgt. Jason Allen in Evansville. “There was some intel that was received. I think there was one individual of particular interest to (the U.S. Secret Service). Anything that is said on social media sites or whatever has to be taken seriously and investigated, and some (posts) could definitely be considered a serious threat.” 
Obama flew to Evansville on National Manufacturing Day and spent 90 minutes at Millennium Steel Service in Princeton. The firm is a major supplier for Toyota's auto assembly plant across the street. 
Maj. Craig Titzer of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office also was aware threats were made, he said. 
“We were just given information to be alert and watch out,” Titzer said, adding that multiple area police agencies assisted with security efforts. 
The U.S. Secret Service oversaw the investigation into the individual who allegedly made threats, Allen said. 
We committed well over 200 police officers to the detail,” Allen said. “The vast majority of those were traffic assignments in terms of motorcade support for the presidential limousine. But we also had a lot of different assets on the ground in intelligence-gathering.” 
The intense security surrounding the presidential visit minimized the dangers posed by anyone with malicious intent, Allen said. 
“At no time do we feel the president’s life was in danger,” Allen said.

The rise of Twitter during President Obama's administration really has been a source of serious problems for the White House as far as it being used as a vector for threats.  Before the USSS had to worry about threatening phone calls or letters, but those were things that could be traced.  Now, the Internet allows real time harassment of the President and his family, and we basically demand the USSS has to follow up on these things every time.

Perhaps Republicans shouldn't have reduced funding in last year's sequestration mess.  These guys need all the help they can get.

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Horace Boothroyd III said...

Well, this is disturbing.

Not just the news itself but the fact that a full day has passed while the hysterical ninnies at the Daily Kos have not said a god damned single word about the update. Given that they have been all Ferguson all the time for some weeks now, with every shift in the breeze reported breathlessly and a lot of celebrating over the alleged 3000 new voters, one might expect them to take note of this u-turn.

But crickets. I credit this to the alarmingly popular American practice of believing reports that confirm your existing biases and ignoring reports that don't. You know, the Fox News business plan.

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