Friday, October 3, 2014

Your Libertarian Moment Of The Day

So let's all strive to deal with Ebola in a responsible manner that respects the rights of citizens and reasonably protects the populace OH WAIT IT'S TEXAS YEEHAW MUTHA BITCHEZ!

Health officials say the family of a Liberian man diagnosed with Ebola while visiting them in Dallas left their home, and that's why a "control order" was put in place to keep them inside. 
Family members of Thomas Eric Duncan were ordered Wednesday night to stay home or face criminal charges. Four to five people, who are not showing symptoms of the deadly disease at this time, were put under the quarantine by Texas health officials. 
The group is not allowed to leave their home in Dallas and cannot visit with anyone outside the home, the State Health Department said on Thursday. 
"We have tried and true protocols to protect the public and stop the spread of this disease," Texas Health Commissioner Dr. David Lakey said. "This order gives us the ability to monitor the situation in the most meticulous way." 
The family must also be available to give blood samples and be monitored until the incubation period for Ebola has passed on Oct. 19.

Glad the state with the largest number of uninsured Americans led by a governor that has repeatedly said that heath care is not a government issue is suddenly very worried now about the government stepping in on a public health issue.


D. Potter said...

Gee, you'd almost think government had an interest in containing a contagious disease.

(The trouble with successful suppression of major communicable diseases is that people really don't understand anymore why emergency methods of containment have to be strict to be effective. When was the last cholera epidemic down there?)

RepubAnon said...

You'll notice, however, that the Texas government still has no interest in providing health care, only in provoking fear. I wonder whether they allow them to get food.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Everything old is new again. Back in the eighteen hundreds there was a great deal of popular opposition to spending tax dollars on public health measures that benefited Those People, which persisted until somebody figured out that the fever swamps were the source of the persistent epidemics that were killing the normal people. Cholera, as you observe, was a big player in this deadly clown show.

elijah2 said...

feed a cold, starve ebola

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